Super Values in the NFL Draft 2


Here are some more super values in the draft. The secret to any draft is how well the team does in the 3-7th rounds. Here are some more guys I think will be outstanding players picked lower in the draft.

Jamar Wall CB Texas Tech 5-10 204


Walls has a rep for being inconsistent but has shown talent. The one question is his speed. Every time I have watched him, he has played well. He played very well in the East West game with 3 passes defended.


He has outstanding ball skills. Part of that comes from practicing against the TTk run and shoot. He has quick hands that can strip the ball away from the WR. Despite his size he can cover larger receivers and despite his speed he seldom takes a wrong step. He looks like he spends a lot of time in the film room because he seems to anticipate patterns well. Catch up speed is not as critical if you don’t ever get too badly beaten. He has the ability to breakdown and make a tackle and hits better than most CBs.


He can get over-aggressive and get called for a penalty more … Read more at FryingPanSports

Editorial: ESPN Blows coverage of the East West Shrine game


ESPN has been losing its edge since ABC took it over. But their coverage of their EW Shrine game was the worst so far. The bone heads at ESPN failed to give complete lineups with numbers. In a normal game, draft nicks like me could get the player numbers from the college pages of the ESPN website. But evidently they couldn’t afford to buy the game program from a local vendor after spending so much money on the big ESPN bus parked in the stadium. I have been unable to find the numbers anywhere on the net so far.

They did show the names and numbers of the QBs, RBs, and WR/TE. But those names are repeated regularly throughout the coverage. More than half the time, they did not give the name of the tackler which would have helped to identify some of the players on the D side. The O linemen were totally anomalous because even when they committed a penalty, the announcer usually ignored the name of the offender. Sometimes, the camera man would help us out with a closeup of the player.

So it was up to us to study the tape as closely as possible … Read more at FryingPanSports