Browns Jaguars Live Game notes.



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The first pass to TE Harbor was actually incomplete.  BAD CALL.  The receiver MUST maintain control of the ball to the ground.  He did not.

Jones-Drewdoes not look anything like he did before the injury to his foot.

Nice hit by Skrine right on time with the arrival of the ball on Jones-Drew

Punt returns were only one thing I liked about Poyer.  He has starting CB skills but is raw.  Great return!

Nice throw under pressure by Weeden.  Great adjustment by Gordon.  Schwartz let the DE in to hit Weeden as he threw.

McGahee for the TD.  47 yard drive on 3 plays

CL 7 JK 0


No contain allows the end around to get the 1st

8 guys in the box so Henne throws for 8

Todman for the 1st and no … Read more at FryingPanSports