LeBron to Cavs fans: R E L A X

LeBron (2)

Note: On NNR today David Kay of thesportsbank and walterfootball & I discussed the Cavs and NBA in detail. The podcast is on https://fryingpansports.com/radio-show/.

David agreed that despite the slow start, the Cavs will be just fine. That is not to say that the team is without issues. However, Coach Blatt and the Cavs will work out the rolls of each player.

To begin with SG Dion Waiters needs to buy into his job as primary scorer off the bench. He has been the 2nd option with the Cavs but now is the 6th man. With the addition of Kevin Love, PF Tristan Thompson has to adjust to being on the bench at the start of the game as well. While he seems to get it Waiters seems to be resisting the idea.

There are other issues as well. One that will not be solved any time soon is the lack of a true big man at C. The Cavs brought in Brendan Haywood but so far that has not solved the problem. A second issue has been the 2nd unit’s inability to maintain the leads that the starters created. That should lessen over time Read more at FryingPanSports

News, Notes & Rumors for 07/18/14


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Saints TE Jimmy Graham got his money. He is a first round pick in any fantasy draft.

Browns WR Josh Gordon did not help his cause with a 2nd legal issue since he appealed his indefinite suspension. Both issues show he has major issues. After failing a test for weed, he was caught speeding with a friend smoking pot. Then he was arrested for DUI. At this point I doubt he can stay clean for a year to qualify for reinstatement. He may never play again.

49er RT Alex Boone says he won’t attend training camp unless he gets a new deal. The way he played in 2013 he should be more than happy with his salary. He missed way too many blocks to get a raise.

Flying J/Pilot President Jimmy Haslam signed an agreement with the fed. It will cost the company 92 million dollars. All Browns fans should buy as much gas as possible because Haslam needs the money.

Panthers DE Greg Hardy was found guilty of assaulting a female and … Read more at FryingPanSports

LeBron James has put serious pressure on the Timberwolves.


Monday we will discuss the return of LeBron James and all the ramifications of that move with David Kay of walterfootball.com 6PM EDT on News, Notes & Rumors on or https://fryingpansports.com/radio-show/.

First let me say I am delighted that LeBron James, the best basketball player on earth, is coming back to the Cavs in the prime of his career. Now there is pressure on Pat Riley and the Heat. But LeBron also put serious pressure on the Timberwolves.

Decision 2 has eliminated nearly all the possible trade options for the Timberkitties’ only asset—Kevin Love. It has also prevented any chance of a sign and trade with anyone other than the Cavs. Love wants to win a title and he has 0 chance to get that in Minnesota. He will only go to Cleveland. He will not sign an extension with any other team even if he is traded.

Without a chance of an extension, Love’s value in a trade is badly reduced. No team will give up something like Andrew Wiggins for a rental player. So expect the Cavs to try to make a deal now and if it does not succeed at the trade deadline as well. … Read more at FryingPanSports