5 Reasons Why Everyone Hates the Yankees

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Derek Jeter

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Do you hate the Yankees? If you’re not a Yankees fan, then the answer is “yes.” Let’s take a look at five reasons why most people hate the Yankees.

Reason #5 – New Yorkers

People hate New Yorkers. If you’re not sure why people hate New Yorkers, it has everything to do with arrogance. Then again, perhaps it can be called overconfidence. Have you ever been to New York – The Empire State? Everyone has their head held high – too high. New York City might be the greatest city to visit, but this goes to New Yorker’s heads a little bit too much, especially Yankees fans, who have enjoyed more World Series titles than any other team.

Reason #4 – Legacy

Baseball fans might not want to admit it, but there is no chance that any other team will ever catch the Yankees in terms of success. That particular team would need to go on an incomparable run without the Yankees doing anything during that timeframe. This is highly unlikely considering the Yankees often have the most talented players in the league.

Reason #3 – Money

Whatever happened to winning fair and square? Okay, so the Yankees might play fair on the field, but do they really play fair when it comes to management? They will go out of their way to use their power in order to land the best players – year after year. This makes it close to impossible for other teams to compete on a consistent basis. Have you realized that the Yankees are in the playoffs every single year?

Reason #2 – White Collar Team

The Yankees are all about the bright lights and the big city. Once a player arrives, he’s likely to hit the best restaurants and hottest nightclubs. While the same might be true for Red Sox players, they are perceived as a blue collar team from a blue collar city. That being the case, perception can be misleading, but it’s still a reason people hate the Yankees.

Reason #1 – Derek Jeter

You hate him or you love him. Most females love him. Most guys who aren’t Yankees fans hate him. It’s certain that he has burned their team on more than one occasion. He also has a certain swagger that can irritate any man. The debate rages on whether he is overrated or underrated. A lot depends on which team you’re rooting for. Nevertheless, Derek Jeter is the face of the Yankees and most people hate the Yankees.

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Top 5 Reasons to Hate A-Rod

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Alex Rodriguez sharing his thoughts on a calle...

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Seeing how the media was treating A-Rod in his entrance to Spring Training inspired me to write about him.  The fact that there is no drama for him entering this season was a headline story on ESPN earlier this week, and that just goes to show you what type of person he is.  There is always something going on with him, whether he’s injured, complaining about his contract, or linked to performance enhancing drugs.  Here are my top 5 reasons to hate him, and I would love to hear what you think!

5.  Yelling “Got it” when running past the Toronto third baseman is Busch League.
4.  One word:  A-ROID! (It’s amazing how fast the media forgets)
3.  I would have probably loved you if you came to the Red Sox, but you didn’t.
2.  Slapping the ball out of Bronson Aaroyo’s glove and whining about being called out shows that you’d cheat to win.
1.  Announcing that you are declaring for free agency in the 9th inning of the Red Sox World Series game shows us how much you crave the attention.

Written by Steve Dade, author of Steve’s Boston Sports Blog http://stevesbostonsports.blogspot.com

Baseball needs to upgrade Umpires NOW!

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                       MLB Umpire Foster

MLB’s reputation has taken major hits from the steroid scandal, missing the playoffs because of a strike and leadership of the some times blind but always intellectually challenged Bud Selig. But there is a bigger problem with the game—the ineptness of some of its umpires.

Umpire Marty Foster covered 3rd base last night sort of. At least he was paid to do that. In the first inning he called Derek Jeter attempting to steal 3rd. The ball got there in time but Jeter was never tagged. Jeter complained to Foster and was reportedly told that he didn’t have to be tagged to be out. When Jeter told Yankee manager Joe Girardi what Foster had said, Girardi exploded and got thrown out of the game for arguing the call. Maybe someone should buy Foster a copy of the MLB rule book. Even if they did, I doubt he would read it.

The umpires were already under the gun for inaccurate ball and strike counts. New technology has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that umpires are not able to tell a strike from a ground hog. Baseball has always said that it can live with a wider than legal strike zone as long as the calls are consistent for both sides. But the only consistency is how inconsistent the calls are. The union is fighting any use of instant replay including the limited use now approved. They want to keep the ineptness of their members a secret. But we all know they are inept. The sport needs instant replay to correct the most egregious mistakes.

The umpires are above criticism by players, team managers, and owners. Baseball fines and can suspend those individuals for saying anything negative about the boys in blue. Fortunately, there is nothing that the union can do to me. Unfortunately, there is very little I can do to the union as well.

If baseball ever wants to convince people like me that the game is fair, it is going to have to use instant replay to eliminate the stupidity and bumbling calls of their umpires. Balls and strikes need to be called mechanically. The existing technology can do that as fast as the umpire behind the plate but with total accuracy. Errors in calls on the bases need to be corrected real time as well.

The game deserves better. The players that work so hard hopefully with out the assistance of steroids deserve better. Most of all, the fans that pay to see the travesty laughingly referred to as MLB and those that buy the products that support the game deserve it as well. Unfortunately for all those people, the Umpire Union is so strong that instant replay will never be used beyond those approved now. In fact, look for the union to negotiate that use out of their next contract.

That’s what I think. Tell me what you think.

Bill Smith is a former coach of several semi-pro teams, has officiated both football and basketball, done color on radio for college football and basketball and has scouted talent. He is a senior writer for and edits https://fryingpansports.com. He has also published several novels on and edits .

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