Why was QB Matt Leinart cut?


If you look over the list of total busts at QB from high picks, there are as many reasons as there are bad picks to explain each one.

So what happened to Matt Leinart in Arizona?

First, I was not a big Leinart fan coming out of USC. While he won the Heisman, I didn’t like the high percentage of checkdown passes he threw. In his defense, he was throwing to the highly talented (and as we found out later well paid) Reggie Bush out of the backfield. Leinart would throw a 5 yard pass that Bush would run for another 60 yards and a TD.

And it was seldom the case that Leinart was forced to throw the check because he was pressured. USC was nearly always the vastly more talented team. The average opponent may have had 1 or 2 players that could have made the USC team. He was able to take all the time he wanted in most games to wait for a receiver to get open.

Leinart was “college accurate not NFL accurate.” In college, his receivers had a 2 or 3 yard cushion to the nearest defender. Leinart was able to get the ball … Read more at FryingPanSports

Saturday's Niblets from around the net for 03/14/09

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Saturday’s Niblets from around the net for 03/14/09


By Bill Smith

Best comment this week:

From Sportsbook on Capologist is the NFL MVP


You are right and it is unfortunate, but I have a feeling that this will get settled in the 11th hour like it was last time. Last time, the economy was good. This time, the NFL will look even worse if they can’t settle this mess and keep the fans happy.

Also, this will be Goodell’s first test. Yes, we know he’s a sheriff and can suspended players when necessary, but what about the labor talks? How competent is he with that?

My Analysis: we will all find out how good a negotiator he is soon enough. But it takes two parties committed to getting a deal done to accomplish a contract. My fear is that the campaign rhetoric coming from the candidates to replace Gene Upshaw as the Executive Director of the NFL Players Association indicates that Goodell may not have a reasonable partner with whom to bargain.


The 08-09 Cavilers are not your fathers team.

Thursday night the Cavs on their west coast road trip came back from … Read more at FryingPanSports

Big name cuts in the NFL have little to do with the salary cap.

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Big name cuts in the NFL have little to do with the salary cap.

By Bill Smith

Marvin Harrison (WR) cut. 12 million

Derrick Brooks (LB) cut. 3.75 million

Ike Hilliard (WR) cut. 2.07 million

Warrick Dunn (RB) cut. 3 million

Joey Galloway (WR) cut. 3.5 million

Cato June (LB) cut. 3.7 million

Donnie Edwards (LB) cut. 4.8 million

Damon Huard (QB) cut. 2.6 million

Laveranues Coles (WR) cut. 6 million.

And that is not all. There will be more. What do all of these players have in common beside a large cap number in 08? They are all older. The NFL Players Association has been talking about the uncapped 2010 helping the middle and higher paid players but that is not going to happen.

What will happen is that teams will be cutting as many expensive players as possible before the lockout in 2010 happens but it is not due to the salary cap. The cap was expected to be around 120.5 million in 09 when it was first calculated in June of 08. Then the estimate grew to 123 million and last week went to 127 million. That is really a lot of money to spread … Read more at FryingPanSports