Jaheim Singletary 2022 Cornerback for Ohio State

Jaheim Singletary

Robert E Lee Jackson Florida corner-back Jaheim Singletary committed to play football at Ohio State in 2022 the day after the Buckeyes took down Clemson in the Sugar Bowl in dramatic fashion (49-28). The 5 star prospect is considered the 5th best corner in the country for the class and the 2nd best overall prospect in Florida. Tony Alford and Kerry Coombs recruited Singletary for Ohio State who just signed a 2nd best 2021 class with 6 defensive backs to replace the depth that has left for the NFL year-after-year.

Jaheim Singletary
Jaheim Singletary

What Singletary Offers Ohio State

Considered a big corner at 6’1” 170lbs and a 74” wingspan. Can cover a side of the field at the high school level. As a junior he had 3 interceptions and 6 defended passes while be thrown away from often. He had 8 interceptions as a freshman. Has the potential to be a first round draft pick according to many scouts.

He had offers from Clemson, Auburn, Georgia and Florida among many others but was considered a lock for the Buckeyes since early December. He is the big corner that coach Coombs is always looking to recruit. Shawn Wade, another corner from Jacksonville, … Read more at FryingPanSports

Scouting CB: Size vs Speed.

NFL Draft (2)

NOTE: On NNR Samantha Bunten of NBC Sports and I discussed the news of the day and broke down the Browns defense in detail.

As wide receivers get bigger and bigger there are some that only want cornerbacks that are 6 foot and taller. But others want the 4.3 guys that generally are under 6 foot tall. Which is right depends a lot on what kind of defense pass coverage a team uses.

NFL teams that play mostly zone coverage can use corners that are a little slower. The reason is that a corner covers a relatively small area of the field that limits the need for top speed. That allows those teams to take taller corners that run 4.4 or 4.5 40’s.

Teams that play mostly man coverage require their corners to have more speed. If that means that their corners are a little shorter so be it. The speed is necessary because they have to cover receivers all over the field.

Despite what Browns GM Ray Farmer believes, the league relies more and more on tall fast receivers. That puts a lot of pressure on defenses in general and corners in particular.

That is what I think. Tell Read more at FryingPanSports