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At 6:20 PM EDT Samantha Burton Indians beat writer for the Bleacher Report joins me to explain how the new ACE of the pitching staff could give up 8 earned runs in 3.1 innings.

Just after that interview, Pat Curran Director of Player Personnel for a national high school recruiting service.  Pat and I will discuss the problems with college recruiting and violations of NCAA rules.

At 7:20 we are honored to have super-agent JR Richard join the show.  Mr. Richard represents some of the best players in the NFL. We will talk with him about the new CBA, how it will impact the players and agents.

Tomorrow night at 6:20 Dan Shonka General manager and National Scout of joins me to talk about how the 2011 rookies are doing.Then we are joined by Browns rookie DB James Dockery.  He has been the buzz of the camp after being signed as an undrafted rookie free agent.  His play on the field is proving he should
have been a high draft pick.  We are very glad he is a Brown.

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The Retired players declare independence from the NFLPA.

The history of how the NFL and NFLPA have treated the retired players is replete with cases of indifference and neglect.  It was great players like Hall of Fame DE Carl Eller that built the league to the point that the players and owners were able to argue over 9.3 billion dollars in revenue.

And yet most men that built the game are struggling economically.  Even Hall of Fame players that retired before 1979 get just $ 200 per month from their pension.   The pension is based on a percentage of what the player earned while active.  Before 1979 most players were paid very little.  Unlike Social Security, there was no adjustment for inflation in those pensions.  As a result, they did not change despite the declining buying power of the dollar.

To make the situation worse, virtually all of these men have lingering physical problems as a result of the injuries sustained by violence of the game.  Just in the last few years the public has become aware of the mental issues resulting from multiple concussions, a very widespread problem with players that affect their entire lives. 

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The Truth behind the NFL CBA situation.

To understand why we now have a lockout with a union that has de-certified, we have to first look at the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

After a long struggle of bickering back and forth, negotiations came together very quickly over a single weekend. Federal Judge Doty put pressure on the league to accept a revised proposal from the union.

The deal was rushed through in a fashion that made the legal (and illegal) back room deals that got Obama Care passed in the Senate look like child’s play. Just like then Speaker Pelosi said of Obama Care, the NFL owners would have to pass the deal to find out what was in it. Just like Obama Care, there were some land mines embedded deep within the agreement.

The biggest one was that the hold back that the league got off the top of the revenue to help defray the expenses of putting on the games was a fixed amount–one billion dollars. As the revenues grew that fixed amount became a smaller and smaller percentage of total revenue. The result was that as revenues grew the players were getting far more than the 59.5% of total revenue that they were designed … Read more at FryingPanSports