What should Cardale Jones do?

C Jones

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Because Cardale Jones is a redshirt sophomore he has the option to declare for the NFL Draft. The other NFL Draft Nerds are complaining that Jones doesn’t have the experience to even consider coming out. They say he doesn’t read defenses, misses open receivers, and is in a very simple offense. ¬†All of that is true. But it is what they don’t talk about that gives him the option.

All Jones did was take over for the three most pressure filled games that any college student could face. He led the heavy underdog Buckeyes to the Big 10 Championship with a most impressive win. Then he led the team to a win against the top ranked team in the nation. Again the Bucks were heavy underdogs and given no chance to win by the talking heads. He finished the season by beating the 2nd ranked Ducks to take the national championship.

When I evaluate a QB in the draft, I look for several things. First I want a QB that has the Read more at FryingPanSports