NFL TV Ratings; A Sign Of Things To Come?

Sunday for many people is a special day. Filled with family, friends, and possibly some yelling at the television. Football has been a large part of people’s Sunday traditions, but with things being the way they have been lately, many are wondering when the focus will return to actual football. It seems less has been made of the game, and more is being made about what President Trump has tweeted out about something or which players have decided to take a knee for the National Anthem.

Regardless of your personal feelings on these subjects it does come across as slightly foreboding when you couple that with the fact that across the whole board NFL’s TV ratings are down. Some might say that this is attributed to the ongoing spectacle sideshow that the NFL has turned into. Commissioner Goodell has not ended the stalemate with the player’s union about proper procedure for pre-game policy, and continually rides the fence on the issue. This has further dragged on with President Trump now taking to the keyboard to weigh in his two cents worth.

The cold hard facts remain though that viewer ratings are down for every game except for the … Read more at FryingPanSports

Joe Haden Reveals His Next Move

Joe Haden commits to Steelers for three years, $27,000,000 and will play Browns in opening game

Now, this ought to be a fascinating opener.

Joe Haden, the Pro Bowl cornerback, released by the Browns on Wednesday, has agreed a three year contract with arch rivals the Steelers. This deal is worth $27,000,000, including $7,000,000 assured for this season, reports

No longer do the Browns have to pay the $4,000,000 Haden was due to receive from them this season.

On September 10, the Browns will play hosts to the Steelers at the FirstEnergy Stadium. This particular run of events should add some extra fascination to the match.

“A tough competitor” according to receiver Antonio Brown. “He is a ruthless opponent. Certainly someone you need to be prepared and ready for. He is quick and strong”.

Originally, Haden was meant to enroll with the Steelers on Wednesday evening in Charlotte, NC, which is where the Panthers and Steelers play tomorrow evening in the preseason finale.

Released by the Browns on Wednesday morning, Haden could enroll with his new team after 16:00, and his next deal was revealed within minutes.

Adam Schefter, from ESPN, said that Haden had been offered … Read more at FryingPanSports

Maybe the Browns should listen to the NNR Pod shows.

Maybe the Browns should listen to the NNR Pod shows.

NOTE: Today on NNR Samantha Bunten of NBC Sports and I projected a complete first round mock draft. It is up on Friday we break down the Browns schedule.

In 2011 I recommended the Browns take Colin Kaepernick to solve their QB issue. He was available in the 2nd round. They didn’t listen and Colin took the 49ers to the Super Bowl and 3 NFC championship games.

In 2012 I was pounding the desk for the Browns to take Russell Wilson. He was available in the 3rd round. But they didn’t listen and all he did was set the record for the most wins by a rookie QB and win 1 Super Bowl and but for the worst play call in SB history almost win a 2nd straight.

In 2014 I was calling for the Browns to take Teddy Bridgewater. He was available at pick 22 but the Browns took Johnny Manziel. While he didn’t take a bad Vikings team to the Super Bowl (no one could have), he had a good season. Even late I recommended they take Zach Mettenberger. He had the … Read more at FryingPanSports

News, Notes & Rumors Week 5





Ex Bucs QB Josh Freeman was signed by the Vikings on a 1 year deal.  At least in Vikes land he will have a great running game.


The new starting QB for the Bills is former Browns QB Thad Lewis.  He has had only one start (Browns) and threw a TD and a pick.  He ended the game with a QB rating of 83.3.


After Terrelle Pryor led the Raiders to a win over the Chargers, the team cut QB Matt Flynn.


Pats QB Tom Brady’s streak of 52 games with a TD pass was broken Sunday by the Bengal D.



Bengals 13 Patriots 6 – The NFL would like to thank those of you that slept without snoring.  That would have disturbed the others nodding off.  I would like to say that the game was a result of two great defensive efforts but it was two inept offenses that caused the napping.   The first quarter ended with Bengals QB Andy Dalton throwing a horrible pick to LB Brandon Spikes on the Pats’ 8 yard line.  That says it all.


Broncos 51 Cowboys 48 – Things started so well for the Cowgirls. … Read more at FryingPanSports

What is wrong with the San Francisco 49ers?



As everyone that listens to the Internet audio version of News, Notes & Rumors knows, I am a big fan of Colin Kaepernick.  He has clearly not regressed.  So what exactly is wrong with the 1-2 49ers?


5.  The Defense is getting pushed around more than last year.  The Colts game in week 3 was a perfect example of the struggles of the D.  On the first drive SF was called for back to back 15 yard penalties for pass interference.  This SF D is the most penalized in the recent years of the team.  The rush is no longer pressuring the QB into mistakes and the run D is getting gashed.  There have been a number of injuries and Aldon Smith’s leave of absence.


4.  The playcallers give up on the running game without any reason.  The first drive against the Colts displayed the power of the running game and the O line.  They gashed the D with runs of 10+ yards several times in that drive.  The running game kept the linebackers busy and slowed the pass rush.  Once the RB Frank Gore complained openly about the team abandoning the running game.  If the run up … Read more at FryingPanSports

News, Notes & Rumors for week 3




There is trouble in 49er land.  The passing game has gone south because the O line can’t protect Colin Kaepernick and the receivers can’t catch, the running game has disappeared and the D can’t get off the field.  Now LB Aldon Smith’s locker has been cleaned out and the team reports he has been given a leave of absence indefinitely while he goes to a rehab facility.


The Giants and Redskins are equally miserable.  Both are 0-3 but for different reasons.  The Giants can’t run the ball and QB Eli Manning throws as many to the other team as he does to his own.    The Redskins are waiting for Robert Griffin III to get back to where he was last year.  He is getting better every week but needs his receivers to catch the ball.  The Redskin defense stinks.  Neither team is getting into the post season but the Skins have hope.  The Giants do not.


The Browns traded RB Trent Richardson who was the third pick overall in 2012 to the Colts for a 2014 1st round pick.  For my thoughts on the  trade check out my editorial The Browns’ 2013 season has just been Read more at FryingPanSports