Cleveland Browns Training Camp Stays In Berea

Columbus no longer getting promised training camp as Browns back out of the deal.

A deal that would have seen the Cleveland Browns training camp relocated to Columbus in 2018 falls through as the Browns back out.

The deal would have included new football fields, and a new and bigger Tuttle Park rec center. On Wednesday, the Browns informed Franklin County and the city that they would not be moving forward.

According to a statement from the team’s spokesman, Peter John-Baptiste, the organization felt it was in everyone’s best interest to remain in Berea for the immediate future.

The turned down deal would have cost Franklin County and the Browns $5 million each with the city covering the estimated $15-17 million remaining.

According to a statement given by Columbus director of Recreation and Parks, Tony Collins, the goal of the project was to work with partners in a way that maximized programs for their residents and facilities, but they were unable to move forward with the project.

While the deal was still in its early stages earlier this month, it did appear to be on its way to coming to fruition. It is unclear what caused the Browns to … Read more at FryingPanSports

Jonathan Coopers Next Step is The Cleveland Browns!

Jonathan Cooper

Jonathan Cooper is taking a new step in his career starting this week as the Right Guard for the Cleveland Browns.

Despite this new improvement in his career, Jonathan Cooper’s journey has not been an easy one. During this last year, he broke a bone in his leg and was thus placed on the injured reserve list, while working for the Arizona Cardinals in 2013. Then he was traded off to the New England Patriots in March, and then finally was claimed by the Browns.

Now Cooper, a 6’2″, 302 lbs man, will be replacing John Greco who was put on reserve for injuring his foot last week.

“It’s a great opportunity,” Cooper said. This is the time for Cooper to show his teammates what he is capable of.

Cleveland O-line Coach, Hal Hunter, said concerning Cooper, “He is athletic. He is smart. He is tough. Coach Hunters views this misfortune, as a new opportunity for Jonathan Cooper.

Coach Hue Jackson is looking forward to seeing what Jonathan Cooper, “is capable of doing,” and shares Coach Hunter’s sentiments saying, “This is what this league is about, a chance, an opportunity, and when you get it you have to … Read more at FryingPanSports

It is snowing in HotLanta!


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While Pres. Obama in concerned about Global Warming, things could not get any colder in Atlanta. No, it is not the weather. It is the Cavs defense that has put the Hawks in cold storage.

Without 2 of the “Big 3” the Cavs on the back of LeBron James totally controlled the Hawks in game 2. James looked like Superman flying through the air and the Hawk defense.

The Hawks look disorganized and confused. They struggle to defend the Cavs and fail to make switches when needed. On offense they couldn’t throw the ball into the Grand Canyon hanging off the edge of it.

This time Cavs didn’t suffer a letdown. They built a lead and held it for the most part. The Hawks were one of the best 3 point shooting teams in the regular season. But they are finding out that the playoffs are a totally different game. They are 10 for 49 in this series behind the 3 point line.… Read more at FryingPanSports

Is GM Ray Farmer too slow to make decisions?


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So far in the Browns off season from hell they have signed a backup QB and yet another #2 wide receiver. At least Brian Hartline is taller than most of the receivers on the roster.

There is almost no chance that the Browns can land an above average WR with the list of quarterbacks on the roster. Wide-outs want a stable offensive system with a QB that they trust to get them the ball. The Browns have neither of those qualities.

GM Ray Farmer missed a chance to bring in a true #1 WR in Kenny Stills. He has speed and size. Since the team has struggled to bring in FA wide-outs, getting a young player with 2 years left on his 5th round salary by a trade would have been huge. But the Dolphins got the deal.

The frustration of Browns fans everywhere is that despite having a ton of cap space, the Browns seem to be hording it. There is no question that the Browns lack of stability means that they will have to … Read more at FryingPanSports

Don’t expect Johnny Manziel to be ‘coachable.’

ManzielBieber allieiswired.comPhoto from

One thing we have learned about Johnny Manziel is he has a listening problem. When the Browns owner Jimmy Haslem specifically asked Manziel to tone down his extracurricular activities, Manziel clearly didn’t hear him. Instead he spent part of the weekend with Justin Bieber et. al. Manziel feels that nobody including Haslem can make him do anything he doesn’t want to do.

Manziel is a spoiled brat that thinks he knows it all. If he doesn’t listen to the owner, what makes any of the Browns fans think he will listen to a coach? The answer is he will not. One thing that Manziel will learn the hard way is that he does not know it all. There are dozens of 300+ pound defensive linemen that will be more than willing to give him some very painful lessons.

On May 11 I wrote the following:

I did not have him (Manziel) on my board as a 1st round QB only because I had a number of questions about him. Most of all, I wonder if he will spend the time in the film room that it takes to help a QB particularly a rookie QB develop.Read more at FryingPanSports

Dissecting the 2014 NFL Draft – Cleveland Browns

NFL Draft (2)

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4th overall pick – The trade should have been immediately followed by the Bills filing theft charges against Browns GM Ray Farmer. The trade was brilliant. To get 2 first round picks and a 4 was extraordinary.

9th overall pick – The trade up to 8 was probably not necessary but not a big deal. Could it be that Farmer was feeling crumbs of conscience over his theft in the trade down?

8th overall pick Justin Gilbert CB Oklahoma State – I was not as high on Gilbert as some others. But the grades were so close among the top 3 corners that this was not a significant reach. I am concerned about Gilbert tackling. He can but will he?

26th overall pick was traded up to 22 for a QB. The trade was a decent value and if that is the guy they wanted, it was Read more at FryingPanSports