Thanks NFL, you screwed Columbus Ohio again!


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The NFL fans in Columbus have been screwed again by the NFL schedule makers. Columbus is the only major city that has fans from 2 teams in the same conference. New York has two teams but in different conferences thus on different networks.

It is always a struggle between Browns and Bengal fans for CBS local affiliate to cover “their” game. In previous seasons the NFL has tried to stagger the games on other networks so that each team would get at least 8-10 games shown on local TV. That is not the case this season.

The NFL had several chances to give Columbus viewers the ability to see both teams but it ignored the issue and screwed both teams’ fans. The Browns play Cincy on the NFL network. Had they played any other team, that would be one more game for both teams. Week 2 both teams host NFC teams. Since the visiting team determines … Read more at FryingPanSports

Saturday Niblets from around the net for 03/28/09

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Saturday Niblets from around the net for 03/28/09


By Bill Smith

Best comment of the last 2 weeks:

Acai Burn’s comment on Don’t get too excited about a 3 team deal involving Jay Cutler and the Browns.

The Browns have two serviceable quarterbacks on the team at this time and to make a move at the qb position when they have other needs is a waste.

The problem is that in a three way deal, there is no way to compensate the Browns for the loss of Quinn. The Broncos will demand more than Quinn in return for Cutler. The question I posed boils down to where will the draft choice(s) for the Browns come from to compensate them for giving up Quinn?

Updates on previous columns:

Thoughts about the first 2 rounds of the NCAA Tournament. – CBS has done a little better job limiting the switches in games. The officials must be reading my site. There have been very few visits to the scoring table replay TV since I commented on the issue. The top seeded teams are still in control of the bracket although Xavier gave Pittsburgh a tough game on Thursday night. … Read more at FryingPanSports

Thoughts about the first 2 rounds of the NCAA Tournament.

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Thoughts about the first 2 rounds of the NCAA Tournament.

By Bill Smith

College basketball has been hurt by the lack of upper class stars.

The quality of play has degraded over the last few year. Part of that is due to a lack of upper class stars from big schools. One of the reasons that small school teams are competitive with much bigger schools is that small school players tend to be more experienced and older.

College basketball suffers from a lack of fundamentals.

If you follow College BB, you must have noticed the explosion of unforced turnovers and the poor shooting percentage in mid range shots and at the free throw line. This is a lack of fundamentals. Players in todays game are much more athletic and rely on that quality to make up for poor technique.

Many players can not even dribble at full speed, let alone pull up and hit a 12 foot shot consistently. College coaches just don’t have the time to work on fundamentals the way they would like due to restrictions on practice time. As more and more players leave after 1 year, that will only get worse.

The players experience … Read more at FryingPanSports