What To Look For In A Used Batting Cage

Used Batting Cage

Building a batting cage from scratch is not for everyone.  Some do not have the ability to build the structure, while others simply do not have the time.  Some would even rather just forgo the process for the sake of convenience, and purchase a structure built by another.  There’s certainly nothing wrong with this, though the cost of buying a batting cage can be prohibitively expensive for many.  However, one can save a great deal of money by buying used rather than new.  As with any used product, there are certain things one needs to look for before buying.  Here are a few things to take note of when checking out used batting cages.


The most important thing to look at is the structure itself.  Has it been protected by a net?  If not, the wear and tear is going to be apparent.  Even though it is made of metal, there is every chance that a poorly protected cage can develop holes through which a ball can get lost (or worse, cause damage).  Obvious dents and scuff marks are good signs to look out for.


Is the netting strong?  Look for netting with a rectangular knotting pattern – … Read more at FryingPanSports