Game time live notes on Browns V Packers


 Browns V Packers

Hardesty fumble on 1st snap

Haden let Nelson wide open twice on man coverage

Thomas great return to the 29

Nice pattern by Gordon

Hardesty Good hitting the hole

Good call on 2nd long but called back Hold Thomas

Bad throw away by Weeden.  The Browns can’t run a screen.

Cribbs nice catch vs press coverage.

Cousins holding on the FG 53 yard no problem for Dawson.  He was last year Off. MVP.


No contain at all against the run.

Blitz didn’t even get close to the QB.  That continues to be a problem for the D.

Slant cuts us up.

CB Brown CAN’T TACKLE players but tackles the ball nicely

Great return by DE Stevens.

Gordon dropped the ball on 1ST DOWN

Pack figured out the Run defense and stuffed the run.

FORGET SCREEN PLAYS!  Pinkston lost control of DT that allowed pressure.

FG 6-7


No contain again.  GOT to get that solved

Not keeping  lanes on pass rush.  QB running out the back door for big gains.

Wade good cover on 4th down

Schwartz lost his guy again.  I wonder if he has the feet to … Read more at FryingPanSports