Get Ready for the Battle of the Beasts, UFC 116!

Brock Lesnar

Finally, we no longer have to wait! The UFC Heavyweight Championship will be put to test when Brock Lesnar makes his long awaited return to the Ocagon to defend his Heavyweight UFC title against interim belt holder Shane Carwin. This fight certainly has the ingredients to become the best Mixed Martial Arts fight of 2010! Carwin and Lesnar have both been unstoppable in their previous fights. With Carwin destroying his previous 12 opponents in less than a round and Lesnar has had phenomenal victories over Randy Couture and Frank Mir. So, let’s break down the number and find out where the fight will be determined.

No one will ever deny that Brock Lesnar is a huge and very powerful looking fighter, but has he met his match coming up in this next fight against Shane Carwin? Brock who is 6’3″ Weight: 265 lbs. Age 30, is a massive MMA fighter but then so is Shane Carwin who is 6’2″ Weight: 265 lbs. Age: 35. So unlike his previous matches against Randy Couture and Frank Mir, Brock will be on an even playing field when it comes to size. In his previous 3 fights he has used his size as the … Read more at FryingPanSports