It is time for the Browns to change QBs.


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As I have said for weeks, the Browns are not a playoff contender. I wish they were but this team has to win the games they are supposed to in order even to be a pretender. They are not. And with this roster, they are at least a great draft away from contending.

So what do the Browns do about the QB position? As anyone that reads FPS regularly knows, I am not a Johnny Manziel fan. I believe he was the wrong choice and was drafted too early. But it is clear after 12 games that Brian Hoyer is not the QB that will take the team to a championship. And make no mistake, it is the Super Bowl that is the target rather than just getting into the playoffs. If you wonder about that just ask the Bengals.

I am not convinced that what Johnny did in college will translate to the NFL. Having scouted the draft since 1955, I seriously doubt it. I Read more at FryingPanSports

Browns should live cam their public practices


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I have been a Browns fan since 1954. Now I am no longer able to go to practices or games due to a major back problem. Since the practices are sold out, the Browns should live cam them on so that the rest of us can see what is going on. This would be a great service to the fans and the technology is cheap and effective.

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Manziel battling the playbook is not a good thing.

Manziel Drft

Browns head coach Mike Pettine made the comment yesterday that Johnny Manziel biggest challenge is the playbook rather than Brian Hoyer. ESPN and most of the national media took that to mean that as soon as Manziel gets the playbook down, he will be the starter. Not so fast my friend.

What Pettine means is that Manziel is struggling to learn and understand the playbook. That is not a surprise. At Texas A&M the playbook was the size of the US Constitution. To Manziel the Browns playbook looks more like the IRS rules and regulations.

We were told that he was studying even while going to and from Vegas. Maybe the inflatable swan had an I-pad built in. His time enjoying himself could be costing him now. You can’t win the locker room as a QB unless you know the playbook COLD and can communicate it in practice. Until he can do that he will not get a snap in the regular season.

Also in college Manziel never had to make pre-snap reads. His offensive teammates took their position on the field then read the signs on the sideline to determine which play would be executed. Manziel also never had … Read more at FryingPanSports

Does Effort to Extend Hoyer Indicate Concerns about Manziel?

B Hoyer

Extending Brian Hoyer’s contract now makes some sense. However, given the cap space that the Browns have, it is not critical. They could easily afford a long term deal with Hoyer after the season even if he becomes the starter with his play in 2014. So why is GM Ray Farmer so concerned about getting Hoyer signed before the season?

I believe that the recent off field actions by 1st round pick Johnny Manziel have something to do with it.

First, there is the injury concern about Manziel. As the Redskins found out, when a relatively frail QB runs as part of his game, it is critical to have a quality backup. Both Manziel and Robert Griffin III have similar body types. And Griffin has been hurt in both of his seasons in the NFL.

A second reason is more significant. The efforts to resign Hoyer now indicates to me that the team has serious concerns about Manziel’s maturity and development. The recent statements by veteran Browns show some are tiring of the drama that Manziel brings. Each time he makes the NFL Channel opening

segment the view of Manziel by the vets sinks a little lower. Manziel is Read more at FryingPanSports

Browns/Vikings live game notes.



Good job by Rubin getting Peterson.

Robertson did a nice job tracking TE.

Peterson was one missed tackle away from a 70 yard TD.

Nobody even in the same area code of Jennings.  Where is the D?

Wright WIDE open too.  Anyone playing D?

Skrine had to jet back to get to the receiver.  Bad read by him.

9 yard run by Peterson.  GRAB GRAB GRAB

Gibson misses the tackle of Peterson.  1st & goal at the 2.


MN 7 CL 0

Rainey with a one yard run and Hoyer is 0-2.  Great start to the “New, new Browns.”


Good coverage by Skrine on Peterson.

Kruger gets by the block and gets the tackle of Peterson.

Haden missed the tackle but others fill in to force the 3 and out.

Bess has the first and gave it back trying to extend the run.

Ogbonnaya gets a third of a yard on his first two rushes.

Hoyer throws the ball into the ground.  Looked bad.

Great effort by Cameron to reach for the first down.   The O line did OK.

Hoyer finds a wide open Gordon.  Gordon got open on a stop and go that … Read more at FryingPanSports