Browns should forget drafting WR or TE.


There is no reason the Browns should waste their 2015 draft picks on “skill” positions of WR or TE. Instead they should draft those positions that will be productive in 2015 like a pass rusher, a run stopping NT and of course a right tackle so they can move Mitchell Schwartz into RG.

Why do I suggest that? It is simple. The Browns do not have a QB on the roster. The best QB on the roster is Thaddeus Lewis but he will not be on the final 53. Without a QB, why would you waste picks on a WR or TE? Focus on defense and the O line and a quality FB so that the team can run the ball. They will have to be able to block 47 guys in the box because no team will take the pass threat seriously given the QB roster.

Of course the Browns front office could begin to listen to me and actually draft Brett Hundley QB UCLA in the 2nd round. I strongly suggested they draft Russell Wilson in 2012. I recommended that they take Teddy Bridgewater last year. But they took Johnny Manziel.

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2015 NFL Draft – QB

NFL Draft (2)

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Bill Smith

1. Brett Hundley QB UCLA rJr 6-3 227

Hundley could have been the 1st pick in the 2014 draft but decided to stay in school. He suffered this year from a lack of quality receivers and a bad line.


He has played in a pro style system in terms of pass patterns although has not worked much under center. He has an NFL arm and anticipates throws fairly well. He reads college defenses well but will need work to adjust to NFL coverages. He is athletic and can run when necessary. He will be a value and be taken in the middle of the 2nd round.


Like almost all QB’s coming out of college, he needs to improve his drop back footwork. He also has not seen many complex defenses in the Pac-12.

2. Marcus Mariota QB Oregon rJr 6-4 215

Mariota will likely be the 2nd QB off the board. There is a concern if he can adapt to the NFL pocket style passer.


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