Top 5 Questions facing AFC West Teams

DV    5How fast can Elway get QB Paxton Lynch ready?
4Can Run game be top 5 this year? It will have to be.
3Can DV D Overcome D losses of DT Williams, olb Watson & cb Watson?
2Can the additions on O line of Leary & Watson solve the problem?
1Can DV win games with Siemian at QB or will Lynch start for DV?
KC     5Was OT Okung addition by subtraction?
4Can RB Kareem Hunt replace Charles as the all-around back?
3Can Smith find anyone to catch the ball since Maclin is gone?
2Did KC do enough to replace FA DT Dontari Poe?
1Did the move up to get Mahomes indicate KC are not happy with Smith?
OK     5When will S Reggie Nelson and Karl Joseph return to work?
4Who will carry the ball for OK? Lynch is 96 and the others are small.
3Did OK do enough at REC getting WR Patterson & TE Cook?
2Can OLB Irvin give OK Pass rush opposite DE Mack?
1When will QB Derek Carr be ready to start and will he be as effective as last year?
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Beware of the Workout Warrior QB prospect.

NFL Draft

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Scouts raved about the pro days of Johnny Manziel, Derek Carr and Blake Bortles. Buyer beware. What you see is not necessarily what you get.

Manziel is short. OK, he is very short. He does not have the patients to stay in the pocket and look through the trees to find an open receiver. If he does not see his first read open, he leaves the pocket to throw or more likely run.

A comparison is often made with Russell Wilson. That is totally false. Wilson moves to pass. Manziel moves to escape and most likely run. Wilson is a pocket passer that has the speed to run if necessary. Manziel is an out of the pocket guy that moves to run as often as he does to pass. Wilson protects himself when he runs. Manziel will have to learn to do that or get hurt often.

The biggest question about Manziel is can his game translate to the NFL? While he was able to get out of the pocket in … Read more at FryingPanSports