Fantasy Football Sleepers, handcuffs and avoids in the AFC


NOTE: This list is the AFC only. I will have the list of NFC players Tuesday.



Jason Campbell Raiders – The Raiders will be behind a lot and Campbell is going to throw a lot but I don’t like the WRs.


Fred Taylor Pats – Dillon’s gone and Maroney averaged under 4 a carry.

Ben Tate Texans – Right now he is 3rd but Foster is average and Slaton fumbles.


James Hardy Bills – He lost last season with an ACL but is the most likely to start opposite Evans

Brian Hartline Dolphins – He runs great patterns and that is what Henne needs.

Santonio Holmes Jets – He’s on the bench wk 1-4 but late in the draft he can help you win.

Donte’ Stallworth Ravens – This is a long shot but late he should be worth a look. He has a lot to prove and needs the money to pay off the family of the guy he hit.

Mike Wallace Steelers – Holmes is gone and Wallace looked good last year.

Brian Robiskie Browns – He has the best hands/route running combo on the team.

Kevin Walter Texans – Johnson gets doubled and … Read more at FryingPanSports

The Magic can pick up their parting gifts on their way out of the playoffs.


We have a home version of our game for each of the departing Magic players.

The Lakers have the NBA championship in their hip pocket. The Magic was a victim of poor shooting and the lack of home court advantage. It is almost impossible for any team to win 3 straight games at home against a championship quality opponent. The Magic proved that they could not stand the heat.

More important, Dwight Howard proved that he could not stand the heat. This is not the same team that played Cleveland so well. The Magic looked very tight. When Howard missed the free throws at the end of regulation, it was also the end of the Magic’s dream of a title.

The Lakers were in foul trouble, on the road, and tired. Even so, they found a way to steal game 4 from the Magic. Even if the Magic manage to win game 5, they are done. They will not be able to win one game against the Lakers in LA let alone 2. The Magic only won game 3 by shooting a record percentage.

The Lakers have a history of taking a game off. They may well lose game 5. … Read more at FryingPanSports

Niblets from around the net for 4/18/09

Fryingpan Sports By Bill Smith


Best Email this week:

from TheonlyJustice on Mangini seems to be eliminating the leaders on the Browns.

I would feel a little better if Mangini was at least talking to the media a little .I can understand a new coach wanting to keep quiet a little bit about the off season and pre-draft goings-on, but all we have heard here in the Cleveland area is very little and less.

He has already turned off our best defensive player from last year Shaun Rogers. And he isn’t sure if he should use the 3-4 or 4-3 defense , has he looked at the films from last season? We DO NOT have the right linebackers or speed at D-End to keep the same D as Romeo used. And he is saying Derek and Brady will have to compete for the #1 QB, we in C Town are fed up with QB completions after one has had a chance to prove himself and for most of the time didn’t pass the test, Derek fooled the other teams for the first half of the 2007 season, and looked terrible last season. Anderson has a strong arm, but he Read more at FryingPanSports

Saturday Niblets from around the net for 03/28/09

Fryingpan Sports

Saturday Niblets from around the net for 03/28/09


By Bill Smith

Best comment of the last 2 weeks:

Acai Burn’s comment on Don’t get too excited about a 3 team deal involving Jay Cutler and the Browns.

The Browns have two serviceable quarterbacks on the team at this time and to make a move at the qb position when they have other needs is a waste.

The problem is that in a three way deal, there is no way to compensate the Browns for the loss of Quinn. The Broncos will demand more than Quinn in return for Cutler. The question I posed boils down to where will the draft choice(s) for the Browns come from to compensate them for giving up Quinn?

Updates on previous columns:

Thoughts about the first 2 rounds of the NCAA Tournament. – CBS has done a little better job limiting the switches in games. The officials must be reading my site. There have been very few visits to the scoring table replay TV since I commented on the issue. The top seeded teams are still in control of the bracket although Xavier gave Pittsburgh a tough game on Thursday night. … Read more at FryingPanSports

Owens going to Buffalo says most about the Bills

By Bill Smith

My Dad is the smartest guy I know. He has always believed that there is a fine line between being laid back and laid out. And you had better know which side of that line you are on. WR Terrell Owens signing with Buffalo says something about his options and even more about the state of the the Bills franchise. It tells us which side of the line the Bills believe they are on.

Owens had very few options. That is clear because he got a one year contract in a place that is not conducive to great receiving numbers. Rumors about where TO might end up were all over the Internet and the primary topic on sports talk radio since he was released by the Cowboys. The problem was that TO had burned way too many bridges behind him. At least he made sure that he was off the bridge before setting it alight.

Miami needs another WR but Bill Parcells was not about to bring TO in. Minnesota, Chicago, and Jacksonville need WR help but the first two teams refused to risk their young QB’s and Jack Del Rio wouldn’t take a chance on what … Read more at FryingPanSports

Several NFL QBs are in the frying pan.

Fryingpan Sports

Several NFL QBs are in the frying pan.


By Bill Smith

Several NFL QBs are in the frying pan but some stoves are turned up hotter than others. From top to bottom, these are the QBs I see as having to produce this season or they will be somewhere else next year—maybe bagging groceries at Piggly Wiggly.

So hot they have to carry a fire extinguisher everywhere they go:

Minnesota – Tarvaris Jackson Jackson was the problem last year with the Vikes. When the league realized that he couldn’t hit water falling out of a boat, they played 39 guys on the line to stop the running game. Jackson’s 45 passer rating won’t get him a third year under center.

Oakland – JaMarcus Russell Granted that Russell doesn’t have a great offense to work with but if he doesn’t start making better reads somebody will wake up Al Davis long enough to sack him even if he was a top draft choice. The only thing saving him so far is that total lack of any viable alternative on the Raider roster.

St. Louis – Marc Bulger Bulger has been running on rep for a couple of years. With … Read more at FryingPanSports