10 Greatest Pool Hustlers of All Time

Greatest Pool Hustlers
Keith McCready Greatest Pool Hustlers
Greatest Pool Hustlers of all time.

Today, tournaments worldwide provide a profitable income for any professional pool player but during earlier decades in the USA, the hustling lifestyle was a much more profitable income for gifted pool players. These pool players, or pool sharks, of a particular caliber in their game would lure players of lesser ability into gambling, by performing a series of pool tricks. All the while, the more experienced of the two would keep their skills and tricks under wraps from any of the other players, in order to make the stakes higher. Who were the Greatest Pool Hustlers of all time?

Popular tactics for pool sharks included deliberately playing with low quality cues, acting drunk or unintelligent, missing ‘easy’ shots and generally giving the impression of being at novice level, to make their opponent think they have a winning chance. While it is clearly a recognized sport today, it’s not hard to see how pool is, and has, often been argued as being a bar room game. As with other forms of gambling, deception and misdirection are the key factors of being a successful hustler, as well as being a hell of a good actor. Here … Read more at FryingPanSports