Off season game plan—Cincinnati Bengals

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Off season game plan—Cincinnati Bengals

By Bill Smith

The good news for Bengal fans is that there is always hope for the future. The bad news is that the Bengals are not the best team in Ohio and may not be the best team in Cincinnati. The problem is not the Coach. Marvin Lewis is more than capable of taking a somewhat competitive team to success. The problem is that Cincy is not any where near somewhat competitive.

The joke around the NFL was the Bengals were going to be forced to go no-huddle because parole conditions for the players prevented them from being within 20 feet of another felon.

My Dad is the smartest guy I have ever known. One of the first lessons he taught me is that you never do business with a widow or an idiot son. Cincy sports fans have had personal experience with this problem with the Reds. Is the only solution to “Schott” (Marge became a verb after MLB forced her to sell) the Brown family and specifically Mikey Brown out of the league?

That might be the only ultimate solution. But there are … Read more at FryingPanSports