Browns: Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.


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The Good: This is exactly the kind of game that the Browns would have lost in previous years. But despite 3 picks by Brian Hoyer and a last minute field goal by the Falcons, Hoyer drove the Browns down the field for a winning field goal.

The running game came back with the return of WR Josh Gordon. That is not a coincidence. Gordon’s presents on the field prevented the Falcons from bringing 47 guys into the box to stop the run. It also opened up the passing game by reducing the double team on the other receivers.

In particular RB Isaiah Cromwell ran very well. His last TD was a piece of art worthy of hanging in any museum. His vision and jump step are outstanding.

The Bad: The one thing that has kept Hoyer as the starting QB is the lack of turnovers. But against a below average backfield, he had 3 picks yesterday. In his last 4 games he has Read more at FryingPanSports

Will the Browns beat the Falcons in Atlanta?


Note: On NNR today Samantha Bunten of NBC Sports & I previewed the Browns/Falcons and other games this week. The podcast is on

Before the loss to the Texans last week most Browns fans would have said ‘Of course the Browns can win.’ Now I am not that sure they will win.

There are positive factors going into the game including the return of WR Josh Gordon. The biggest impact of Gordon’s return will be on the running game. It is unlikely that the Falcons or anyone else will feel free to bring 9 or 10 defenders into the box with Gordon on the field. Given the lack of productivity of the Falcon secondary, they will be very aware of Gordon.

Without the ability of the defense to over load the box, the Browns SHOULD be able to run the ball. But the Browns have struggled to run the ball since the loss of C Alex Mack. But the problem running the ball has not been limited to his replacement Nick McDonald. The issue has spread like a bad cold all along the O line. It will be up to RB Isaiah Crowell and others to take full Read more at FryingPanSports

News, Notes & Rumors for 9/9/14


The best news possible for Bills fans is that Sabers owner Terry Pegula has reached agreement to buy the team. Pegula will keep the team in Buffalo.

The NFL claims they never saw the elevator video of Ray Rice knocking his girlfriend out. I find that not believable. To think that the most powerful sports league in the country couldn’t get a video that TMZ had no problem finding is a lie of the worst kind. It is an attempt to cover up the most ludicrous miscarriage of justice in the history of the NFL. If Roger Goodell had any guts at all he would have changed the suspension when he realized how unfair it was. But he doesn’t and won’t any time soon.

A prosecutor said that the feelings of the victim are taken into consideration when deciding how to proceed with a domestic violence case. In this case it is clear that Janay Palmer wanted Rice to get the minimum punishment. That would explain the decision to place Rice in a diversionary program.

Flag-mania was not prevalent in week 1 of the season. It was good to see that the zebras finally figured out that the DB … Read more at FryingPanSports