Sports Buffet for 5/25/10


Note: I will have a B I G announcement about getting back on the Internet radio very soon. We will also have Niblets this Saturday.


The NFL took a huge loss in the Supreme Court Monday. The Court in effect said that the league is not a single entity in regards to licensing producers of apparel but 32 separate businesses. For the details about what this means, check out my NFL News, Notes and Rumors on

Vikings QB Bret Favre had the surgery on his ankle that he had said would be required to play in 2010. Expect him to be back this season the day AFTER the team breaks camp. At 40 timing is everything.


Most analysts are saying that the Magic just have not shown much effort in their series with the Celtics. They said the same thing about the Cavs. Could it be that the Celtics are just so good that they make their opposition look inept? Yes. The combination of very good coaching, experienced veterans that know how to play the game and the fact that for the first time all year the team is healthy have all contributed to the Celtics success … Read more at FryingPanSports

Baseball and politics don't mix.

Fryingpan Sports

Baseball and politics don’t mix.

By Bill Smith

If you have ever wondered if government can screw up something innately simple, just look at the people to whom it gives drivers licenses.

Congress got involved in the baseball steroids controversy several years ago. The House and the Senate held hearings and drug (pun intended) players and members of the league and the union in front of TV cameras in the worst reality show in history until “Hole in the Wall” aired last year. But even bad TV has its moments. How entertaining can it be with the “Day of the living dead” Sen. Arlen Specter as host?

Who among us doesn’t get choked up hearing Rafael Palmeiro say “I have never used steroids, period.” Of course that would have been a little more moving had he not been suspended for steroid use less than 5 months later.

Now Congress is way too busy pounding trillions of taxpayer money down a rat hole to be involved with baseball or steroids. But fear not. Another branch of government is stepping in to take Congress’ place—the Courts. Miguel Tejada faces a court date Wednesday because he lied about steroid use. No, … Read more at FryingPanSports