NNR Mock Draft 2.0

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To hear the details check out the radio show page where Samantha Bunten of NBC Sports & Tony Williams of Metro New York joined me to talk about this mock.

1Cleveland BrownsQB PR CB S OT Myles GarrettDETexas A&M
 Clearly the best pass rusher in the draft. Motivated & ready to play    
2San Francisco 49ersQB G CB C OLB DESolomon ThomasDEStanford
 2Y ST good frame & quickness but may be a pr specialist only.    West coast bias? 
3Chicago BearsPR WR CB S T TEJonathan AllenDEAlabama
 John Fox will love Allen’s ability to play DE or DT.     
4Jacksonville JaguarsTE RB DT T G QB?Leonard FournetteRBLSU
 I would never take a RB in the 1st round. He is good but not 1st rounder.    
5Tennessee TitansCB WR S ILBMarshon LattimoreCBOhio State
 1.5y st speed & size Twitchy athl that does not hold at LOS. Runs better patterns than WRs.     
6New York JetsQB OLB CB DEMitchell TrubiskyQBNorth Carolina
 Takes a risk on a QB that started just 1 year. Good upside but lots of risk   Was OB Haason Reddick
7Los Angeles ChargersS LB RB WR DE G T QBMalik HookerSOhio State
 1Y st Great ball, speed, & athletic ability fluid hips Lacks experience & is injured     
8Carolina PanthersT DE RB CBDerek BarnettDETennessee
 3Y ST Violent hands Has everything but a great burst off the line. Needs to bulk up to stop the run.    
9Cincinnati BengalsT G DE OLB PR RBHaason ReddickOLBTemple
 2Y st recent riser & 1y wonder 22.5 TFL in 16. Needs strength   Was DE Taco Charlton
10Buffalo BillsCB S WR TJamal AdamsSLSU
 2Y st Smart, aggressive both @ LOS & deep coverage. Big hitter but can take bad angles to the ball.    
11New Orleans SaintsCB S OLB WRGareon ConleyCBOhio State
 3y st Fluid hips, size & speed Good tackler & burst to the ball Good ball skills Needs better technique    
12Cleveland Browns O.J. HowardTEAlabama
 2Y starter on a team not TE friendly Solid receiver that can block well.     
13Arizona CardinalsILB WR QB DT S CBCorey DavisWRWestern Michigan
 4y starter 97c 16 Good size & spd NFL body but has avg hands.     
14Philadelphia EaglesCB WR OT ILB RB DE Reuben FosterILBAlabama
 2Y st can play in 4/3 or 3/4 scheme Big hitter with power but short & light. Can he stay healthy     
15Indianapolis ColtsT G DE RB CBTaco Charlton DEMichigan
 1Y ST good frame & quickness long arms Miss cast in a 3/4    Was DT Malik McDowell
16Baltimore RavensWR OLB CB SZach CunninghamOLBVandy
 2Y st good play recognition & atheticism quick in latteral movement, strong but speed is a question.    
17Washington RedskinsILB DT CB G S RB QBMalik McDowellDTMichigan St
 2Y st Gets off blocks, gets penetration, good natural gifts   Was DT Caleb Brantley
18Tennessee TitansCB WR ILB CBTre’Davious WhiteCBLSU
 2y st average size & speed quick hands but has lapses in coverage. Needs tech help    
19Tampa Bay BuccaneersDE DT S RB OTCharles HarrisDEMissouri
 2Y ST quickness but may be a pr specialist only. Needs to get stronger & more than a speed rush.    
20Denver BroncosT G ILB DT DE Cam RobinsonT Alabama
 Pulling OT with quick feet solid vs run & pass Played LT for Bama    
21Detroit LionsTE PR OLB WR G David NjokuTEMiami
 1y starter Good athl & decent blocker but has too many drops in my opinion    
22Miami DolphinsDE OLB G CB SJabrill PeppersLB/SMichigan
 2Y st Man without position. S, slot corner, LB Fluid, aggressive but lacks instincts & Hands.    
23New York GiantsLT DT CB ILB TE QB Ryan RamczykT Wisconsin
 1 yr @ Wisc tranfer from D2 quick to 2nd level Ath & power Hip Inj may keep him out of 1st    
24Oakland RaidersMLB DT CB OLB RBJarrad DavisLB Florida
 2Y st Smart powerful LB but is injury prone.Good blitzer    
25Houston TexansQB T S OLBDeshaun WatsonQBClemson
 Accurate but trusts his arm too much. 76TD 32X    Was QB Mitch Trubisky
26Seattle SeahawksT G CB PR DT Kevin KingCBWashington
 2y starter with size but speed a ? SE likes tall CBS.    
27Kansas City ChiefsCB S ILB RB DT DE Dalvin CookRBFlorida St.
 Good rec 3rd down back w/speed & balance. 19TDs in 15&16 Can he stay healthy?    
28Dallas CowboysCB S DE DT TEMarlon HumphreyCBAlabama
 2y st size & speed Solid tackler that battles at the LOS. Will be best in M2M because he has tight hips    
29Green Bay PackersPR CB S RBQuincy WilsonCBFlorida
 3y starter that lacks quick twitch. Could be CB or S.    
30Pittsburgh SteelersPR ILB OLB TE WR T.J. WattOLBWisconsin
 1y st Hard worker good blood line but limited exper. 15.5TFL 11.5 sacks Not explosive limited speed.    
31Atlanta FalconsG DE DT CB SForest LampGW Kentucky
 4Y ST @ LT Will LG due to short arms. Smart & good tech & quick feet Was G Pat Elflein    
32New Orleans SaintsCurtis SamuelRB WR Ohio State. 
 RB or WR? Athl with speed but lacks prime hight & weight Great Acc & chg spd Inj Hist 15     
Los Angeles RamsOT G CB WR   
 Minnesota VikingsOT DE DT G CB    
 New England PatriotsG OLB TE    
 1 Dont pass up an elite QB or PR    
 2 Don’t get cute, get your guy    
 3 Get OT a round before you think they will go.    
 4 RB is the quickest position to understand the NFL game.    


NFL Concussion Lawsuits

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NFL Concussion Lawsuits

ESPN commentator and former National Football ...

ESPN commentator and former National Football League (NFL) player Mike Golic prepares to run a play with crew members aboard the Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer USS Russell (DDG 59). ESPN commentator Mark Schlereth, also a former NFL player, and Green Bay Packer fullback William Henderson joined Golic for a visit aboard Russell to watch the 2005 Super Bowl with the ship’s crew, have lunch and tour the ship. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The National Football League (NFL) is under scrutiny as thousands of players are coming forward in a class action lawsuit claiming the league failed to inform players of the long-term health problems associated with concussions. The players also claim that they were encouraged to play thorough head injuries without appropriate care or recovery time.

According to reports from the Associated Press, 3,377 players have taken legal action and sued the NFL claiming that not only were they not informed of the dangers of head injuries, but that not enough has been done to take care of them after retiring. Of these players, 26 are Hall of Famers. There are 5,249 total plaintiffs in the case including spouses and other player representatives.

Separate lawsuits were consolidated into one master complaint and filed by the players’ lawyers in June of 2012, specifically claiming the NFL did not inform players about medical findings that link football-related head injuries to permanent brain injuries such as dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and an increased risk of suicidal behavior.

In response, the NFL asked a federal judge in August of 2012 to dismiss the more than 100 lawsuits, claiming that the case should instead be resolved according to the league’s collective bargaining agreement. The NFL also argues that the lawsuits do not have sufficient proof that the league concealed the risks associated with head injuries.

Important Dates

There were a number of events that lead to the NFL concussion lawsuit in 2012. Some important dates include the following:

  • 1994 – The NFL creates the Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries committee
  • 2002 – NFL player Mike Webster dies at age 50. Webster suffered multiple concussions as a player and showed signs of dementia plus psychiatric illness late in his life. Bennet I. Omalu, M.D., discovers structural deformity in Webster’s brain – the first evidence of the danger of multiple concussions.
  • 2004 – NFL player Justin Strzelczyk dies in an automobile accident caused by brain damage. His death began the discussion about football head injuries.
  • June 2005 – Terry Long commits suicide. Doctors believe brain damage from multiple concussions contributed to his depression and suicide.
  • July 2005 – Omalu publishes an article about his findings. The NFL MTBI committee’s doctors denounce the findings and demand he retract the article.
  • 2006 – NFL player Andre Waters commits suicide. Omalu examines the brain tissue and determines Waters’ depression was caused by brain damage due to multiple concussions. The NFL declines to comment on the findings.
  • March 2007 – The NFL puts into place the “88 Plan” to provide financial support to former players suffering from dementia. Dr. Elliot Pellman, head of the NFL’s MTBI, also resigns.
  • 2008 – Four more former NFL players die. Tom McHale from an accidental drug overdose, Gerald Small, Curtis Whitley from a drug overdose, and John Grimsley from an accidental gunshot wound.
  • 2009 – Then still-active NFL player Chris Henry dies in an auto accident at age 26. It was later found that Henry suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy due to multiple concussions, the first still-active NFL player to have it. Former player Lou Creekmur dies from complications of dementia.
  • October 2009 – The US. House Judiciary Committee convenes hearings on legal issues and football head injuries
  • December 2009 – Return-to-play rules for players that sustain concussions and head injuries are changed
  • 2011 – Former NFL player Dave Duerson commits suicide

From football to boxing and any other athletic event, brain injuries are very serious and could be detrimental to one’s life. Further studies will inevitably be conducted on this topic, revealing more about the long-term effects of concussions and head injuries.

Author Bio

Carlos is a blogger who has written for brain injury lawyer websites. He is interested in the effects of brain injuries as well as ways to prevent them.

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