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4 Issues facing AFC West teams

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 AFC West
4DV drafted 2 RBS & 2 WRS. Is that enough to fix the O?
3The D got some pass rush by taking Edge rusher Bradley Chubb. Will they understand how to use him most effectively?
2The D was solid except in ppg. Lots of that was due to O turnovers. Can a better O help the D get better?
1DV signed Case Keenum to big contract. Will that solve the QB issues for DV?
4RB Melvin Gordon scored 12 TD & had 1000 rushing yards. Can he do that again this season?
3TE Hunter Henry was lost for 18 with an ACL tear & released Antonio Gates. Can the TE position contribute to playoffs?
2The 1st 4 picks were on D. 2 were Safeties. Pass Rush is solid. Did LC do enough on D to get into the playoffs?
1Q Philip Rivers was outstanding last yr after leading in picks in 16. Can he duplicate last year’s results this season?
4Can the OL stay healthy in 2018?
3The OL was hurt but the Run gm was solid. Can R Kareem Hunt duplicate his 17 season?
2The D has aged out & lost players due to cap issues. Can KC D recover enough to get the team back to the playoffs?
1KC took a BIG risk in trading Smith & making Patrick Mahomes the QB. Will that work out for more than 10 wins?
4OK drafted 2 OT. Did they do enough to fix a VERY over rated OL?
3The WR group couldn’t catch the ball. OK got FA Jordy Nelson & drafted Marcell Ateman. Is that enough?
2The Pass D under preformed badly last yr. Can the new staff get the DBS to play better?
1Q Derek Carr had a bad season last yr. Can he recover this year to get OK into the playoffs?
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Top 5 Questions facing AFC West teams.

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A HOF QB is the GM & can’t find a QB. He had to get one in FA. What is wrong with this picture?
5 Can the run gm continue to hold up with a bad OL?
4 Will DV find a TE that can catch the ball?
3 Will the WR group do better with Keenum at QB?
2 The NoFlyZone is now the Friendly skys of United. Can they get back to the playoffs with the new DBS?
1 Can Case Keenum repeat his 17 level of success?
Having Reid as GM has led to no cap space. It will cost him his job & KC the playoffs.
5 Can the run gm continue to hold up without Smith at QB?
4 Can the DL pressure the QB & stop the run?
3 Will the WR group survive with Mahomes at QB?
2 How will the Dbackfield survive without CB Marcus Peters?
1 Can Patrick Mahomes get KC back to the playoffs?
LC was in the playoff hunt last year. Can they make it this season?
5 Will R Gordon continue to play at all pro level or fall back to being average?
4 Will the OL survive the loss of Matt Slauson & play as well as they did last year?
3 The DL was outstanding last yr. Can the pass rush continue to be the focal point of the D?
2 Will the LB group improve this year & cover RBS out of the backfield?
1 Philip Rivers was outstanding last year (28TDS 10 picks). Can he remain at that level or fall back to 16 by leading in picks.
Can the new HC Jon Gruden get OK back to the playoffs?
5 How many good years does Marshawn Lynch have left?
4 The OL was bad last yr. Can it get back to the level it played at in 16?
3 Can W Jordy Nelson make the WR group better?
2 Can HC Jon Gruden get the D to play at a level of the talent?
1 Will Q Derek Carr get back to 16 level when he played well?

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