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  • Published: Jun 25th, 2018
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4 Issues facing AFC West teams

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  AFC West
4 DV drafted 2 RBS & 2 WRS. Is that enough to fix the O?
3 The D got some pass rush by taking Edge rusher Bradley Chubb. Will they understand how to use him most effectively?
2 The D was solid except in ppg. Lots of that was due to O turnovers. Can a better O help the D get better?
1 DV signed Case Keenum to big contract. Will that solve the QB issues for DV?
4 RB Melvin Gordon scored 12 TD & had 1000 rushing yards. Can he do that again this season?
3 TE Hunter Henry was lost for 18 with an ACL tear & released Antonio Gates. Can the TE position contribute to playoffs?
2 The 1st 4 picks were on D. 2 were Safeties. Pass Rush is solid. Did LC do enough on D to get into the playoffs?
1 Q Philip Rivers was outstanding last yr after leading in picks in 16. Can he duplicate last year’s results this season?
4 Can the OL stay healthy in 2018?
3 The OL was hurt but the Run gm was solid. Can R Kareem Hunt duplicate his 17 season?
2 The D has aged out & lost players due to cap issues. Can KC D recover enough to get the team back to the playoffs?
1 KC took a BIG risk in trading Smith & making Patrick Mahomes the QB. Will that work out for more than 10 wins?
4 OK drafted 2 OT. Did they do enough to fix a VERY over rated OL?
3 The WR group couldn’t catch the ball. OK got FA Jordy Nelson & drafted Marcell Ateman. Is that enough?
2 The Pass D under preformed badly last yr. Can the new staff get the DBS to play better?
1 Q Derek Carr had a bad season last yr. Can he recover this year to get OK into the playoffs?

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