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Top 4 issues facing AFC South teams.

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 AFC South
4Frank Gore was well past his “use by”date & was cut. Can one of the worst OL’s get the run game going again?
3Can the rebuilt WR group give the O some pop?
2IN used 4 draft picks on D. Can the 3rd worst D get off the field often enough to help the team?
1No Luck last year at all & he is not throwing the ball yet. Will Andrew Luck be able to play this year?
4JK Cut WR Herns & TE Lewis. Can the receivers group recover from those losses?
3The D was 2nd in points allowed but lost MLB Paul Posluszny. Can it reach that level again?
2RB Leonard Fournette was outstanding last yr. Can he produce that level this year?
1Is Blake Bortles the real deal & franchise QB or not?
4Can TE C.J. Fiedorowicz play this year with 3 concussions last year?
3J. J. Watt suffered a tibial plateau fracture. He is the key to the D. Will he be able to play like he did in 17 prior to J?
2The Run game was a huge disappointment. The didn’t draft or sign a RB. Can R Lamar Miller revive the run game?
1Can a really bad OL keep Q Deshaun Watson healthy?
4TN cut R DeMarco Murray. In 3 starts Derrick Henry had 1 good gm. Can RB Dion Lewis get the run gm going?
3Can CB Malcom Butler solve the passing yardage the D gave up last year?
2The D was middle of the road last season. TN traded up to get ILB Evans & OB Landry. Did they do enough to get to PO?
1Q Marcus Mariota had a down season last yr. Can he get back to 26 to 30 TD passes this season?
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Top 5 Questions facing the AFC South teams.

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No team suffered more injuries than HO did last year.
5 Can R Miller get back the explosion he lacked last season?
4 How will the rebuilt Dbackfield play?
3 Can the D avoid the flood of injuries that it suffered last year?
2 Can the OL improve to protect Watson & help the run game?
1 Can Q Watson stay healthy through a full season?
IN has one asset—Luck & they are not sure he will be healthy
5 Where will the pass rush come from now that IN cut Johnathan Hankins?
4 Can IN get the run game going after cutting Gore?
3 Will the D improve enough to give IN a chance to win games?
2 Can the OL improve to protect Luck & help the run game?
1 Will Andrew Luck be able to start the season?
JK played well last yr on D but the O was below average.
5 Can the addition of LG Norwell lift the performance of the OL?
4 Who will replace Posluszny at MLB?
3 Will RB Fournette produce as much as he did last season?
2 Will the D play as well as they did last year?
1 Can Q Bortles improve to get JK to a SB?
TN did very little in FA & still have holes to fill. Can they depend on rookies to fill them?
5 Can R Murray or Henry get the running game back to above average this season?
4 Will the WR depend on rookies this year because they did little in FA.
3 Will the D play as well as last year or regress this season?
2 Can the OL improve to protect Mariota & help the run game?
1 Will Marcus Mariota ever be the QB they need?

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