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Top 4 issues facing AFC South teams.

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  AFC South
4 Frank Gore was well past his “use by”date & was cut. Can one of the worst OL’s get the run game going again?
3 Can the rebuilt WR group give the O some pop?
2 IN used 4 draft picks on D. Can the 3rd worst D get off the field often enough to help the team?
1 No Luck last year at all & he is not throwing the ball yet. Will Andrew Luck be able to play this year?
4 JK Cut WR Herns & TE Lewis. Can the receivers group recover from those losses?
3 The D was 2nd in points allowed but lost MLB Paul Posluszny. Can it reach that level again?
2 RB Leonard Fournette was outstanding last yr. Can he produce that level this year?
1 Is Blake Bortles the real deal & franchise QB or not?
4 Can TE C.J. Fiedorowicz play this year with 3 concussions last year?
3 J. J. Watt suffered a tibial plateau fracture. He is the key to the D. Will he be able to play like he did in 17 prior to J?
2 The Run game was a huge disappointment. The didn’t draft or sign a RB. Can R Lamar Miller revive the run game?
1 Can a really bad OL keep Q Deshaun Watson healthy?
4 TN cut R DeMarco Murray. In 3 starts Derrick Henry had 1 good gm. Can RB Dion Lewis get the run gm going?
3 Can CB Malcom Butler solve the passing yardage the D gave up last year?
2 The D was middle of the road last season. TN traded up to get ILB Evans & OB Landry. Did they do enough to get to PO?
1 Q Marcus Mariota had a down season last yr. Can he get back to 26 to 30 TD passes this season?

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