Top 4 issues facing AFC East teams

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New England Patriots

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4 Can the rebuilt OL give the Q time to throw and give the running game a chance to succeed?
3 Can the D limit opponents run game to under 100y/g? Gave up 124.6 last year
2 Is the O able to score more point this year than 18.9 in 17?
1 Is A.J. McCarron the starter or will be Josh Allen?
4 Can the D that is aging out still be competitive?
3 Can the ST stop giving up big returns?
2 Can the run game get going that was 29th last year.
1 Now that Cutler is in the broadcast booth, will Ryan Tannehill finally become the QB to get MI into the playoffs?
4 Can R Sony Michel get the run game going?
3 Can the rebuilt OL give Brady time to throw?
2 The D fell of the map last year. Can they get back to a level to get back to the SB?
1 As long as Tom Brady is healthy the O will be fine. Can he stay upright this season?
4 The O was DOA last year. Can it score more points this season?
3 Will the green as grass D preform better this season?
2 Can R Isaiah Crowell get the run game going?
1 As the QB Merry-go-round stops, who will start at the position?

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