5 Biggest questions facing AFC East


Took a big risk on AJ & trading their best OL in Glenn. D is OK but will they score enough to win?
5 Will LeSean McCoy be as effective at 30 as he was last year?
4 How will the rebuilt DL play?
3 Can the LB group play will without Preston Brown at MLB?
2 Who will play LT since Cordy Glenn was Traded to CN?
1 Who will play QB after AJ McCarron’s contract ends?


Cap concerns have made a bad team worse. MI gave away their best players.
5 The OL was bad last year and lost C Pouncey. Can MI run or protect QB with that bad an OL?
4 How can any QB be successful with this receiver corp after they lost Landtry?
3 The LB group was the worst in NFL. How can they rebuild it to get to at least average?
2 Since they cut Suh, who will stop the run?
1 Who long will it take MI to give up on Tannehill and get a REAL QB?


NE suffers from lack of cap space. Got a DB but did little else in FA/Trades.
5 How many years will
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5 Biggest issues facing teams in the AFC East & North

AFC East


5 Will the Bills get the new stadium they need?

4 Can Rex Ryan survive another losing season?

3 Will the D be as good as in 2014 as it gets older at key positions like NT?

2 Can BF get a run game going with retread RBS and a rebuilt O line?

1 Can the offense offer the kind of passing game to truly contend in the AFC?


5 Can MI really challenge NE for the AFC East title?

4 Can the rebuild O line protect Tannehill?

3 Will the high priced D finally live up to their salaries?

2 Can MI get a run game going without RB Lamar Miller?

1 Can Adam Gase push Ryan Tannehill to the next level?


5 Is Jimmy Garoppolo a decent 2nd team QB?

4 When will TE Gronk be healthy & can he survive a complete season?

3 Will the pass D be able to survive in the playoffs?

2 Can NE survive 4 games without Tom Brady?

1 Will a pass-rush-by-committee be enough to earn one for the thumb?


5 Will NJ sign DE Muhammad Wilkerson or will he play under the Franchize tender?… Read more at FryingPanSports