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If you are caught with a gun in Washington D.C., you had better be an NBA player.

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Wizard PG Gilbert Arenas got just 1 month in a half way house for gun possession in WDC. The usual penalty for someone that is not in either of the categories above is 3 months in jail.

Arenas brought 4 guns into the locker room and reportedly “threatened” reserve guard Javaris Crittenton in an argument over gambling debts. Arenas also will be on probation for 2 years, will have to do community service of 400 hours, and has to pay a fine of 5K to be paid to the Victims of Crime fund. Crittenton, who pulled a gun of his own, is also on probation from pleading guilty for a misdemeanor. Both players have been suspended indefinitely by the league.

There were several factors Judge Robert E. Morin sited in making his sentencing decision. Most important was that none of the guns were “found” to have been loaded. I can’t help but wonder how hard the police looked to see if there were bullets in them. The other factors were that according to Morin Arenas has no history of violence; no one was hurt; neither man pointed a gun at the other; Arenas legally owned the weapons in Virginia; and he took responsibility, cooperating in a police investigation and pleading guilty to a felony less than a month after the confrontation. Morin also sighted Arenas’ charitable contributions to the community as a reason to give the player a break.

This was not the first time Arenas has been charged with a gun violation. He served probation in California 7 years ago for a violation of gun transportation laws there.

If the gun laws are going to exist despite the 2nd Amendment, then both players should have received jail time. There is nothing that makes either of these two boneheads worthy of special consideration. Justice unevenly applied is justice denied. Throw the guys in jail and let them suffer what any one of us would for the same criminal act.

That’s what I think. Tell me what you think.

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