Joey Bosa is off my draft board.

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Like most Ohio State fans, I was disappointed at the loss to the Spartans. But more than anything else I was shocked to see Joey Bosa fail to perform in the 1st big game of the season. For those of us that are draft-nicks, one thing that predicts failure in the NFL is failure in big games in college. A stiff can look good playing against the Sisters of the Perpetually Miserable. But how a player preforms against a big time opponent has always been an indicator of how that player would fair at the next level.

Bosa did nothing in the MSU game. That is all I needed to see to take him off my board. He might turn out to be a good or even great player. But I can not risk taking a player like that with a top 5 pick in the draft.

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Scouting: Why do so many NFL teams have weak O lines?

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No one would deny that the QB is the most important position in the NFL. And yet so many teams are struggling protecting the QB. One thing that can help a QB most is a solid running game but again without a strong O line it is hard to generate one.

Many of the problems of the NFL can be directly traced to the rise of the spread offense in college football. The problems finding quality O line candidates is one of them.

In the spread offense, the college O lineman is almost always blocking 1 opponent. The splits (distance between O linemen) are so large that few college defenses even try to run tackle/end games in which the DT attacks outside and the DE comes inside. As a result, the O line face only 1 guy to block. That means that the pro scout does not get to see the O lineman’s footwork or ability to slide.

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Are the Browns looking to draft Cardale Jones next year?

C Jones

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As I said a couple of weeks ago the Browns are between a Rock (Brian Hoyer leaving) and a hard space (Johnny Manziel) at QB. Manziel’s start against the Bengals made the first trip of the Titanic look like a nice cruise. While it gave the front office huge doubts about the QB, it was also an indictment of both the previous OC and QB coach.

It is not good news for Johnny when the season wrapup on listed undrafted rookie free agent Connor Shaw as the starter over the 1st round pick. Frankly, Shaw looked like he was much more NFL ready in his start against a better defense than Manziel did.

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