The NFL, NFLPA, and an 18 game season.


“We’re ready for round 5 in the Goodall vs. Smith fight.”

While almost every NFL analysts was projecting a massive spending spree by the league in an uncapped year, nearly 2 years ago I told you that the NFLPA would be crying for the reinstatement of the salary cap floor because teams would use the uncapped year to dump expensive players and save money. That is exactly what happened.

More than a year ago on this site, I proposed a solution to the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) that involved the 18 game season. The proposal was that the current players would get paid 18/16ths of their current contracts which would increase their gross by 12.5%. It should allow the NFLPA and NFLPA Exec Dir DeMaurice Smith to give back 8% of the player‘s cut of the total income from around 60% down to around 52%. If that proposal included an increase in the rosters from 53 to 60 and a rookie salary cap (to cut the amount of the pie that went to newbies and increase the pool available for the Vets) with the reinstatement of the NFL Salary cap, I believed that the NFLPA would accept it in … Read more at FryingPanSports

The NFL owners meeting produces little real news.

Fryingpan Sports

The NFL owners meeting produces little real news.

By Bill Smith

The NFL owners held their March meetings this week and very little of any real significance resulted.

Rule changes:

The changes the owners agreed upon were minor. Perhaps the most important was the change to the draft order. Beginning (and maybe ending unless the new agreement includes a draft) in 2010, the 20 non playoff teams will be ranked based on the existing formula that is based on record first then reverse of strength of schedule. The 12 playoff teams will be ranked based on how far they got in the playoffs.

The losers in the wild card round would be ranked by record and the reverse of strength of schedule. That group would be followed by the losers in the Divisional round, the losers in the conference championship games.

The second rule change is that quarterbacks will now wear pink tutus and are not allowed to be tackled. The defense will get credit for a sack by sticking a finger into the QB’s ear hole and tickling the ear. Just kidding! The defensive player will be called for a personal foul if he hits the … Read more at FryingPanSports