My All Under Rated 2014 NFL Draft team-Offense

NFL Draft (2)

Most of these players are 4th round or later. These are players that look to me to be able to contribute to an NFL team and become starters.

WR – Devin Street WR Pittsburgh Street has size and strength that will catch the ball with a DB hanging on him. He will be a 4th or 5th round pick that should be this year’s mid round big value.

Josh Stewart WR Oklahoma State Stewart plays faster than he times and runs great routes. At 5-9 he is a natural slot guy but can play outside as well. He catches under pressure and fights for the ball but due to his size will be a late round pick.

OT – James Hurst OT North Carolina He was hurt but has the feet to play LT. Could start at RT then move over if necessary. Likely Hurst will fall to the 4th round due to injury.

Michael Schofield OT Michigan This is a nasty RT with an attitude. He will be a 5th or 6th round pick.

OG – Kevin Danser OG Stanford A devistating run blocker that is better at pass protection than most think. He will be drafted late or be a priority free agent.

Tyler Shatley OG Clemson Shatley is not particularly athletic but is a solid technician that can play in the NFL. He blows the D line out on the run and can get out on a sweep. He too is a late/priority free agent prospect.

OC – Khalil Wilkes C Stanford I prefer a C that can pull and run block down field on a sweep. Wilkes is that guy. He can double team the nose and then slide up to the 2nd level or take on the nose by himself in pass blocking. He is a late round pick.

QB – Zach Mettenberger QB LSU I have watched 9 of his games this year and 8 last year. He has the size, arm and pocket presence to become a solid starter in the NFL. While all the talk has been about others, Zach is my best prospect overall at QB. He is not as ready as Bridgewater but has played in a pro style O and has everything a coach needs. Despite an injury he will be a 3rd round pick unless a team gets desperate and picks him sooner.

RB – Tyler Gaffney RB Stanford Gaffney has power, size, vision and a high motor teams are looking for. He also can pass block to protect the QB. The one question is can he catch. He was not asked to do that at Stanford. He will be a 5th or 6th round pick.

FB – Ryan Hewitt FB Stanford I admit I am old old school. I love a good running game with a FB leading the way. Hewitt is a grinder. He blocks and can run with power. He should be a 6th round pick.

That is what I think. Tell us what you think.

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