My All Under Rated 2014 NFL Draft team-Defense

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Most of these players are 4th round or later. These are players that look to me to be able to contribute to an NFL team and become starters sooner rather than later. The All Under Rated 2014 NFL Draft team-Offense was posted yesterday. Since I am a 4-3 guy we will use that as the basis for this list.

DE – Larry Webster DE Bloomsburg Webster is a small school guy that can play in the NFL. He caught the eye of scouts at the East West game. He is a hand in the dirt guy without the hips to play LB. He rushes the passer and is solid against the run but will be a 6th round pick.

Zach Thompson DE Wake Forest Zach is another guy that will play in the 4-3 but not in a 3-4. He can rush the passer and is stout against the run. He will be a late round or priority free agent (PFA) signing.

DT – Jamie Meder DT Ashland I used to do color for Ashland games on WMAN radio. Meder is a real NFL prospect that exploded in the NFLPA all star game. He is outstanding against the run and pushes the pocket rushing the passer. He went from no chance to make a team to a 5th round pick.

Bruce Gaston DT Purdue The Boiler D was not good but Gaston stood out. He is good against the run and provides some push vs. the pass. He will be a late round pick.

OB – Shaun Lewis OLB Oklahoma State Lewis is a complete OLB. He is very good at rushing the passer but has ball skills to cover as well. He is OK against the run. He will be a PFA.

Eddie Lackey OLB Baylor He was on his way to becoming a 5th round pick until he got hurt late in the season. He was very productive on a bad defense. He has very good speed and can cover and rush the passer. He will not be drafted but is a red shirt signing.

ILB – Nikita Whitlock ILB Wake Forest Whitlock is one of my favorite players. He is not fast or athletic but gives everything he has on every play. He is versatile even playing some nose tackle at Wake. He rushes the passer, is very physical with great instincts. He will not fit in a Tampa 2 due to the lack of speed. He should be drafted but will likely not be.

CB – Ross Cockrell CB Duke He helped himself at the East West game. He has very good ball skills and decent size. He will play the run and can tackle. He should be a 4th round pick.

Chris Davis CB Auburn Davis moved from an undraftable player to a 4th round prospect with his play as a senior. His Senior Bowl helped as well. He is good against the run and pass but needs to trust his ball skills. He gets called for interference too often.

FS – Tre Boston FS North Carolina Boston has fallen but I am not sure why. He is a true center fielder with good speed and very good instincts. He can play either S position and is a very good tackler supporting the run. He should be a 3rd round pick but will be taken in the 6th.

SS – Darwin Cook SS West Virginia Cook is not under the radar, he is completely off it. But what I see is a guy with size, a great motor, awareness, and nose for the ball. He attacks the run and can cover the pass. What he lacks in speed he makes up for with instincts. He should be invited to a camp and if he is he will make a team. He reminds me of former Colt S Bob Sanders.

That is what I think. Tell us what you think.

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