Pro Football Niblets and Fantasy tips


Against the odds:

Best bets

  1. Ravens (even) Bengals The O line of the Bengals gets lit up by the Raven D.
  2. Pats +1 @ Jets The pass is only thing the Pats can’t defend. The Jets don’t pass well enough to win.
  3. Eagles -3.5 vs Lions The line is down because QB Mike Vick starts. He is fine and the Eagles fly high.

PFN Headlines

Trouble is brewing in Big D.

Everybody knows that HC Phillips has a VERY hot posterior. Most thought that had he not led the team to a win last year in the playoffs, he would not have been back in 2010.

The loss last week to a clearly out manned Redskin team didn’t cool his seat off one bit. Early this week, he told the media that he had to take more command of the O. He said he would not hesitate to over rule OC Garrett’s calls when he felt he needed to. That implied that OC Garrett was not doing a good job.

A couple of years ago, Owner Jones told the media that Garrett had agreed to stay only because Jerry promised him he would be the “coach in waiting.” Phillips is trying to talk down his potential replacement. That is just going to get worse as time and losses pile up.

Garrett’s play calling is only part of the problem. He is calling more passes and less runs than he could. The biggest issue is the O line which has been hit by injuries and wasn’t that good to begin with. They can’t protect QB Romo and are not giving the RBs holes through which to run.

Don’t hold your breath for the O line to improve any time soon. While T Barron is a total flop, he will be replaced by Colombo this week or next. But Colombo has been cut twice and is not an NFL quality T. LT Free has struggled with speed rushers and tends to be a waist bender rather than a knee bender. LG Kyle Kosier has not played yet and isn’t that good when he is healthy.

This is going to become a spitting contest that for those of us that dislike the Boys will be fun to watch. HC Phillips is on his way out unless the team gets to the Super Bowl.

Week 2 Fantasy Football adds

QB Hasselbeck Seahawks – If he is available grab him as a backup. He plays in the NFC Least and if he stays healthy should be decent.

QB Vick Eagles – He is going to be starting for a while and he plays the Lions this week. He will give you rushing yards and had a passer rating of 101 last week.

RB Jackson Packers – RB Grant is on IR. Jackson will get most of the carries replacing him.

RB Harrison Browns – Everybody is recommending Hollis. I don’t think so. He fumbled twice in game 1. Check out Harrison who set an NFL record last season for the most yards in 3 games.

WR Clayton Rams – The Ravens may not like him but QB Stafford does that that is what counts.

WR Mike Williams Bucs – He is more of a deep threat than most think and will get more targets as he learns how to run patterns.

WR Mike Williams Seahawks – His ex-College coach Carroll will make sure he succeeds. Enough said.

WR Lloyd Broncos – They needs someone to replace the yards of Marshall. Royal is not that guy.

That’s what I think. Tell me what you think.

Bill Smith is a former coach of several semi-pro teams, has officiated both football and basketball, done color on radio for college football and basketball and has scouted talent. He is a senior writer for and edits He has also published several novels on

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