Here is why players signing memorabilia is a big deal to the NCAA.

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Clearly the NCAA views an athlete being paid to sign memorabilia is one of the biggest sins in any NCAA sport. When a QB steals crab legs he gets a half game suspension. When he spews obscenities in public, he gets a full game suspension. Even when a player is accused of sexual assault the NCAA seems to turn the other cheek. But when someone is paid for signing memorabilia, the NCAA comes down hard.

The answer is simple. There is no more greedy or selfish an organization in the world than the NCAA. They are so upset when an athlete is paid for anything because it takes money out of their pockets. The NCAA needs to be knocked down several pegs to become what it claims to be—the portal to allow even playing field for amateur sports. But somewhere it lost its way. It has become a focused on growing its power and income.

The growth of super conferences will eventually take the power and money away from the NCAA. The Big 5 power conferences don’t need the NCAA. The sooner they learn that the sports they play and the fans will be better off.

Until then the NCAA will continue to steal money from the colleges and universities around the country.

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Here is why players signing memorabilia is a big deal to the NCAA. by
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