Parker Lewis Moves To Ohio State Football

Parker Lewis, one of the best kickers in the country, attracted Ohio State Football’s attention as soon as he entered the transfer portal in December. Despite being a prominent figure for the Trojans for the last seasons, the USC kicker Parker has finally made a move to Ohio State football. According to the icon, the desire to transfer to Ohio was elucidated by, among other reasons, the fact that the club attracts more fans.

Parker Lewis

Parker Lewis

Leaving USC

While Parker Lewis USC agrees that leaving USC was never an easy decision, consultations with family members and the glamour of being with a coach who has an incredible track record of developing significant players made it easy. Moreover, the only way to continue improving his skills was to search for new opportunities.

Joining the Buckeyes

Parker Lewis has always expressed his interest in joining a school with rich football coaches and traditions. Notably, the multitude of fans that he witnessed the first time he visited the Ohio State football stadium made him believe that he was at the right place.

Further, the move to Ohio State is special to Parker Lewis as it offers him an opportunity to fulfill his grandfather’s dream. The grandfather, Ben Butler, never fully exploited his college dream to play football at USC as he sustained a shoulder injury that brought his football career to an abrupt end.

Parker Lewis USC’s relationship with the former Buckeyes Kicker Blake Haubeil is another top deciding factor in his decision to move to Ohio State. When Lewis was first introduced to Buckeyes Kicker Blake Haubeil in middle school, they formed a close relationship. Since then, they have developed a good working relationship where Lewis describes Buckeyes Kicker Blake Haubeil as a brother.

Finally, Parker Lewis USC also believes that his workload at USC may have had something with his desire to want to try out new opportunities. According to Parker Lewis, the special team coordinator Sean Snyder put kickers through lots of reps in practices that might have contributed to some of his injuries.

The New Role at Ohio State Football

While his immediate role is not clear, he could be braced for an immediate impact kicking off. Lewis is bringing a tangible value to Ohio State Football with his strong leg. Taking from last season, about 80 percent of his kickoffs resulted in touch-backs, which is among the highest percentages in football Bowl Subdivision.

Lewis’s ability to kick has earned significant respect among his peers, and from the look of things, he will pursue greatness while playing for his new team. With his commitment and determination to put in extra work while in the field, it won’t take long before his role becomes clear to everyone. Even more importantly, Parker Lewis USC is one of those players with great confidence in their abilities to deliver.

Parker Lewis is in the portal! The #1 Kicker in the portal!
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