Now is time for Ohio State to leave the Little 10!


On Dec. 5 2013 I asked the question was it time for Ohio State to leave the Big 10. I wrote “All we have heard since the middle of the 2013 season was that Ohio State had no business being part of the BCS Championship discussion.  “They don’t play anybody.  The Big10 is worse than the American Conference formerly known as the Big East.  The Buckeyes have been blasted by SEC teams when they have backed into the Championship game.”

But things have changed for NCAA football and the Little 10. There is now a 4 team playoff system.  That is positive.  But in the case if the league the changes have not been for the better. The league has added Rutgers and Maryland. Neither of those teams are considered “power” teams.

Despite what University of Michigan people say, if you bought 2 two Coke products you got a pair of tickets to the Michigan Minnesota game at the Little House last Saturday.

Nebraska is the best addition the league has made but has not been a major power for years. Penn State was beginning to rebuild but then was hit with unprecedented penalties by the NCAA. And Iowa can’t even seem to beat Iowa State.

The Buckeyes are the only team in the league that seems to be on the rise. And few college teams have the fan base of the Buckeyes. That fan base alone is enough to build and support a TV network deal. Leaving the Little 10 would also allow the Bucks to replace Minnesota, Purdue and the rest of the leagues’ Sisters of the Perpetually Miserable with good teams with a national reputation.

It is now the time for the Buckeyes to seriously consider leaving the Little 10 and striking out on their own. The writers and pollsters seem to love Notre Dame. The Bucks could win a lot of points by beating ND year after year.

That is what I think. Tell us what you think by commenting here or tweeting me @NNRonDSN.

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