Niblets from around the net for 4/4/09

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Niblets from around the net for 4/4/09


By Bill Smith

Best comment of the last week: from fantasy basketball on Fantasy Baseball Fans—Beware of the WBC players in your drafts.

Great advice, WBC isn’t at ALL on par with MLB. I was actually having this discussion with a friend of mine last night as we were scoping out each others lineups (different leagues of course). He hadn’t even thought of that so I had to fill him in, I think he owes me a beer or two.

As you have seen, I am never shy about sharing my opinion. However, I think the MLB season will prove me right overall. And yes, I think he does owe you a beer or two. By the way, I do have a Pay-pal account if you wish to donate.

Updates on previous columns:

Kentucky is no longer THE basketball power—GET OVER IT!

John Calipari, the former head coach of Memphis, has accepted the Kentucky job and the 31 million dollars they offered. He said “Kentucky in basketball is like Notre Dame in football.”

My analysis: He is EXACTLY right. The fans and supporters of both of those teams live in their teams’ past successes and believe that their history entitles them to championships every year.

Bronco Owner Bowlen shoots his team in the leg

I was wrong about how much Denver would get for Cutler. I over estimated the intelligence of the NFL general managers. I will have more to say about that Monday.

Fresh Niblets:

The Browns are turning a little green around the edges.

New HC Eric Mangini has brought a lot of Jets to Cleveland particularly on D. That wouldn’t be a bad idea had the Jets been better than the Browns. Last year the Jets gave up more points than Cleveland. See my full story of this on the Browns page on

Overview of the Offensive 2009 Draft Class

This year’s crop of WR prospects is making the NFL scouts smile. It isn’t all that good but looks great compared to the last couple of classes. The running backs this year are R E A L L Y S L O W. To see my entire article, check out

Stupid is as stupid does”

The Giants cut Plaxico Burress yesterday. When you shoot your friend in the foot, that is bad. When you shoot yourself in the leg, that is stupid enough to deserve whatever you get.

My analysis: He will get jail time and if he is available at all in 09 or 2010, he will face at least a 4 or 6 game suspension by the league. TO Plax’s agent—Call the Raiders. Your guy will fit right in.

Drugs and college football

Rick Serritella, of, reports Southern California LBs Clay Matthews and Brian Cushing tested positive for steroids at the NFL Scouting Combine, according to various sources, including one NFL team. In addition, Serritella reported that Florida WR Percy Harvin, Illinois CB Vontae Davis, and Texas-El Paso PK Jose Martinez each failed a drug test for marijuana. Boston College DT B.J. Raji had a positive test for an undisclosed drug.

My analysis: When is the NCAA going to get serious about addressing steroids? Maybe it should be a little more focused on testing for illegal substances and a little less on an extra call to a prospect.

That’s what I think. Tell me what you think.

Bill Smith is a former coach of several semi-pro teams, has officiated both football and basketball, done color on radio for college football and basketball and has scouted talent. He is a senior writer for and edits He has also published several novels on and edits .

My email is [email protected]

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Niblets from around the net for 4/4/09 by
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3 thoughts on “Niblets from around the net for 4/4/09”

  1. You had to know that Pete Carroll was running a cheating organization. It’s impossible that they can be as good as they are.

    Here’s USC’s formula:
    1. Pay the athletes from booster funds.
    2. Skip all classes and just work on football.
    3. Take as many illegal drugs as possible to boost performance.

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  2. Denver got a lot of picks and a decent quarterback for Cutler. I think it’s a good move on their part. Chicago sold out hoping Cutler is their long term answer. I think they gave up too much.

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  3. Yes.. USC is one sketchy organization.

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