Niblets for June 2010


Best comment of the month:

From Teeth whitening on Analysis: the NFL proposal for the “enhanced season”If the NFL wants more marquee matchups then change the scheduling. Who wants to see a division winner play against a 4th place team in the other conference. Let division winners play the other conference’s 4 winners.”

That is an excellent point. The schedule is based on a formula and that has not changed since the league went to 6 divisions. The NFL should revise the formula to allow more key games particularly if it does go to an 18 game season.

Updates on previous columns:

Previewing the NBA Draft

I got 7 of the 20 I projected. In addition a couple of teams traded up to get guys in front of other teams that were targeting them.

B I G News in football!

The musical chairs in college football conference switches has not stopped yet. There will be another couple of changes announced before the end of the 2010 college season. However, don’t for a minute believe that the increased power of the Big 10+2 or the PAC 10+2 will bring us closer to a playoff. Those two conferences were the leaders in resisting the move toward a playoff.

Is there a teeny tiny silver lining on the Dark Cloud over the Cavs?

LeBron is deep into his national grand tour. However, there is another issue that has come up. In Cleveland, a lot of his posse has been employed by the Cavs. It is very doubtful that any other team would find jobs (and money) for those that shine in the reflected light of his star. In addition, two of the most likely landing spots are Chicago and Miami. In Chicago LeBron will never be able to overtake the icon that is Michael Jordan. In Miami he would be the “new guy” on the block. Even if he wins a couple of titles, it will be for Wade’s team not his own. Only in Cleveland can he be “the” guy who leads “his” team to a title.

Niblets fresh from the cob:

UFA DT Hollis Thomas (Panthers) has been suspended for 8 games in the 2010 season for a second violation of the NFL drug policy. That has been suspected by the NFL GMs and is one of the reasons that Thomas has not gotten a contract.

RB LenDale White (Seahawks) has been suspended for 4 games for the same thing. The Seahawks say that they knew that when they traded for him but that to me seems that is just the new regime trying to cover their posteriors.

Titans QB Chris Simms was arrested for operating a motorcycle under the influence of pot. Simms was on the bubble for making the 53 as it was. This will almost insure his release if he is convicted or suspended bu the Commissioner for being charged.

Chargers WR Vincent Jackson has received a 3 game suspension for a violation of the personal conduct policy of the league. That could be reduced by his appeal. But any suspension will reduce Jackson’s value in a trade. At this point, the best the Chargers could hope to get would be a 4th round pick in 2011.

That’s what I think. Tell me what you think.

Bill Smith is a former coach of several semi-pro teams, has officiated both football and basketball, done color on radio for college football and basketball and has scouted talent. He is a senior writer for and edits He has also published several novels on

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  3. Spain 1 Germany 0 – I personally was behind the germans, but at the end of the day spain played a better game. If we can see just one more amazing performance from spain, if they can bamboozle Holland in the same grand manner on Sunday we will have new world champions!

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  4. lol, Tracy. Let me just assure you that if your writing weren’t so beautiful or poignant, we wouldn’t be nearly so obnoxious…!!

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