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Comment of the month: #4427 “ANALYSIS: NFLPA Executive Director Smith has a revolt on his hands!” from robertinseattle


And YOU are absolutely right. Just like Gene Upshaw. The NFLPA doesn’t and doesn’t want to represent the retired players. It’s been very clear for years. But then, that also means the NFLPA and its Executive Director is obligated by law to return any and all money ever held or spent from the disability and pension funds that they’ve been sitting on or controlling for years. That money was part of the total 60% share of gross revenues paid by the owners and earmarked specifically for those retirement funds.

That aside, even pension experts are stunned to see the levels of abuse and thievery that these guys have been enduring for the past 25 years. There is absolutely NO legitimate Union that can legally withhold pension and disability benefits for ANY reason whatsoever (unless they made the rule up themselves). No Big Three automaker’s Union (the UAW) ever went back to their retired workers to tell them they were cutting their benefits when they went on strike. They would have had a strike inside a strike! Have the NBA or MLB Unions ever threatened their retired members that way in the past?

Robert, I just have nothing to add. Well done.

Updates on previous columns:

Donte Stallworth got a pass on DUI Manslaughter.

This week Commissioner Goodell told another suspended player, Mike Vick, that he will not even consider the issue of reinstatement until he completes his house arrest. The critical question is when will Goodell consider reinstatement for Stallworth. According to the reports, Stall is under house arrest for 2 years. Goodell should treat Stall the same way.

God must hate the Cleveland Browns—My first column.

This week Browns WR Joe Jurevicius sued the Browns and the Cleveland Clinic for negligence over a staph infection that cost him last season and perhaps his career. It should be remembered that JJ is a Cleveland native and attended games as a kid.

The NFL survey said that the entire league had only 33 cases of staph from 2006-08. The Browns have had 6 players with staph and a total of 8 separate infections.

Analysis: It’s about time someone from the Browns sued the team and the hospital. I hope he wins a pot of money. Maybe that would make both organizations clean up their act. I will be rerunning the first article tomorrow for those of you that have not seen it.

MLB Hall of Fame and the steroids era

This week we found out that Sammy Sosa was another of the players that failed the 2003 test. What a shock that was. Sosa went from a Pee Wee Herman clone to Bluto in one off season. We all knew something was fake about his new found muscles.

Mangenious and his Magical Bus trip

There is still no word on how the NFLPA investigation into the issue is going but the union is also looking into claims that the Browns OTAs have been too long and physical.

Analysis: The way the team has played over the last 15 years, they need all the practice they can get.

Niblets fresh off the cob

Steelers owner Dan Rooney is confirmed by the Senate to be Ambassador to Ireland.

The Rooney family is class all the way. We wish him luck in his new job.

OTA facts and miss information.

Out of SF—QB and former 1st overall pick Alex Smith is gaining ground against Shaun Hill to be the starting QB. Translation: We really want to dump Smith and will lie to increase his value.

Out of his mind—WR Plaxico Burress’ agent, Drew Rosenhaus, is shopping his client around the league and has indicated that 5 teams including the Jets may have expressed interest. Translation: Burress’ best chance of escaping a long sentence is that the prosecuting attorney is a Jets fan.

Out of Atl—Watch out for a new and improved QB Matt Ryan. He has had an entire off season to work within the system. The Falcons may not improve their record but look for Ryan to have a better year than 08. Translation: I think this is accurate. The D still needs work but Ryan is the real thing.

That’s what I think. Tell me what you think.

Bill Smith is a former coach of several semi-pro teams, has officiated both football and basketball, done color on radio for college football and basketball and has scouted talent. He is a senior writer for and edits He has also published several novels on and edits .

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