Why The NFL Doomed Thursday Night games.

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As usual the NFL has no one to blame but themselves for the sting of blowouts on their Thursday Night schedule.

First, they designed the series to allow every team to have a prime time game. That is fine. But when you schedule the lowest teams there will be as much fan interest as there is in watching the grass grow.

That part of NFL policy has doomed some of the games to blowouts. And in previous seasons we have seen that. But this year they decided to double down by making these games between teams in the same division.

Then in a move that came from the greed of the league, they wanted an over the air network to broadcast the first half of the season. They found the sucker of the week in CBS. But paying through the nose for the right to have those games CBS wanted at least some good teams scheduled.

That meant that the NFL was forced to often schedule the best team in a division against the worst. That is why we have seen so many blowouts.

So what is going to happen? The NFL will sell the second half of Thursday night games to another sucker network soon. Why would anyone buy them? Because despite the blowout nature of these games, NFL football is far better and will get more ratings than the simulated “real life” programming that most networks have scheduled.

But until the league gets off of the Divisional policy in scheduling the games, we will see blowout after blowout. I would be much more interested in seeing two teams of equal strength (or weakness) play each other. That would at least provide competitive games. But Greed Rules.

At least one group rebuffed the greed of the NFL. It found out that quality performers will not be willing to pay the league to preform at the Super Bowl half time show.

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