The NFL better come down very hard on the Patriots.

Goodell Pressed

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Mary Kay Cabot of the Plain Dealer reports that Browns GM Ray Farmer faces a multi-game suspension and loss of draft choices for texting and or calling coaches during games. That is an illegal use of technology under NFL Rules.

He is not an X’s and O’s guy. Based on his first two first round draft picks last year, I am not sure if he is a player evaluator either. He had a habit of calling or texting former QB coach Dowell Loggains. Based on how the QB position deteriorated over the season, Loggins clearly needed all the help he could get.

Now if the Browns can be punished like that for something as dumb as illegal texting, the penalty for Bill Belichick and the Pats should be 10 times that for Deflate-gate. But we all know it will not.

If a player had violated the rules, he would have faced suspension for the next game. Conveniently the NFL was not able to complete their investigation in the two weeks leading up the Super Bowl. Anyone that believes that also waits for the Great Pumpkin on Halloween. The NFL managed to crown the leading rule violators in the NFL as their 2014 champion. Congrats to the NFL. Now we will see what they do about violations of competitive balance in the game.

My best guess is they will lose a #1 draft choice and be forced to pay a fine. That would make commissioner Roger Goodell the biggest boob in the history of the game. It would show his inability to control his franchises or do his job. It would also prove yet again that Goodell is gutless.

Pats owner Robert Kraft drew his line in the sand with a demand for an apology if the NFL did not have absolute proof of wrong doing. Not only should Belichick be suspended for a significant part of the season, Kraft should also be suspended. In addition as I have said in a previous article, there is no way that QB Tom Brady did not realize the balls were under-inflated. He was most likely the one that ordered the ball assistant to do it. If that is the case he should be suspended as well.

So Mr. BADell it is easy to dump on the bottom feeder Browns. It will be a lot harder to drop the hammer on the heads of the Champions. But nothing less will do.

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The NFL better come down very hard on the Patriots. by

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