NFC Playoff predictions

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And you thought your NFL NFC team had a chance to get to the playoffs this year? You are probably wrong. Here are my NFC Playoff predictions.

Dallas Cowboys

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NFC East
NG Really hard to predict this team but they won’t make the playoffs.
WA QB Smith has less to work with than he did in KC.
NFC North
DT All Stafford has is his arm. No OL, no WRS and a bad D.
CH Heading in the right direction but not sure if they have the right QB
NFC South
CR Cam is a question mark but the D is fine. That is not enough to get them into the playoffs
TB Jameis Winston starts the season with a 3-game suspension in the worst part of the schedule for TB and the D is not good enough to rescue the O.
NFC West
AZ They find out how much they miss Mathieu and fail to make the playoffs.
Teams that are in the playoffs
PH The D will keep PH in the race no matter who is QB
MN Kirk Cousins has much better targets than in WA. He and the D will get it done.
NO Brees and an improving D get NO back into the playoffs
On the bubble
LR Could make it but needed DT Aaron Donald to sign but traded DE Quinn because they had no idea how to use him.
Needs some help
DA The O is fine. If the D comes around and develops a pass rush DA could make it to the playoffs
GB If the OL can keep Rodgers healthy and D figures out how to cover WRS & TES
AT Ryan can score a lot of points but can the D stop anyone? If they can AT can get in.
Very little hope
SE Wilson is wonderful but he can’t play D. Legion of book is dead. So is the D.
SF Garoppolo gives SF fans some hope but the D needs to be better to make the playoffs

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