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Still no news on the possible suspension of Josh Gordon. Check out my editorial “The entire NFL drug testing program is at risk over Gordon.” right here on

The trial of Colts owner Jim Irsay has been postponed from August 28 to October 30. That will give Roger Goodell more time to figure out how to punish him without pissing off the owners. All the players are watching what happens to Irsay.

Rams QB Sam Bradford tore the same ACL (left) that ended his season last year. He is out for the season and put a fork in the Rams—they are done.

The Packers have lost DL B.J. Raji for the season. That is a tough blow and will result in the Pack giving up more run yardage this season.

It was good to see the extra point back to normal. Whoever came up with the 33 yard extra point has WAY too much time on his hands. It would be no different than the NBA moving the free throw line to 3 point distance.

Browns QB Johnny Manziel was fined 12K for his single finger salute to the Redskin fans. Maybe if he had used two fingers the fine would have been doubled.

Saints TE Jimmy Graham was fined 30K for two goal post dunks. The claim is that because he knocked the goal post out of alignment once, this move has been outlawed. Of course this is the same league that allows zebras to throw 35-40 flags a game. Does anyone at NFL headquarters have a brain?

The Washington Post announced it will no longer use the name Redskins when reporting about the team.


Rams 33 Browns 14 – Check out the NNR podcast News, Notes & Rumors 08-25-2014 Browns Rams review on for our hour long analysis of the game.

Eagles 31 Steelers 21 – The Steeler starting O is not working. QB Ben Roethlisberger is not in the same city let alone on the same page as the receivers. It would help if the receivers could hold onto the ball. The running game is OK but is not strong enough to offset the lack of a passing game. The Steeler D looks better. ILB Ryan Shazier is the real deal. He will help the team get back to becoming solid against the run. The Eagles looked good but QB Nick Foles is not going to have the year he had in 13. The Eagles will not be as effective taking the top off the D because of the loss of WR DeSean Jackson.

Packers 31 Raiders 21 – This is the biggest mismatch since the Polish horse cavalry faced the German tanks in WW2. Raider QB Matt Schaub never had a chance. He has to wonder who’s side his O line was on. While the Raider D is fairly solid, unless the O can protect Schaub, they will play a lot of D. QB Aaron Rodgers is ready and as sharp as ever. RB Eddy Lacy will pick up where he left off last year walking away with the Rookie of the year award. The Packers O line still has some issues but the D looks solid IF it can stay healthy. The score was 22-7 at half time. The Raiders were able to cut the deficit against the bottom third of the Packers roster in the 2nd half.

Lions 13 Jags 12 – This is the type of game the Lions have to win if they are going to make a move in the NFC North. They won but did not look good doing it. RB Reggie Bush did look good with a 86 yard TD run. He still has the eyes and jump step to get to the hole. QB Matt Stafford seems to have a brain cramp at a critical time. Jag QB Blake Bortles continues to outplay designated starter Chad Henne. But Bortles is the backup in part because the O line needs to develop to protect the 3rd overall pick. The O line struggled to protect vs a good Lion D line. RB Toby Gerhart is fools gold.

Seahawks 34 Bears 6 – The half time score was 31-0. The Hawk O and D looked in regular season form. QB Russell Wilson was on target and very sharp. The Hawk D is solid and very deep. They will cut players that become starters on other teams. The Bears O was in trouble from the first snap. I think they will be fine except when they play a super team like the Hawks. If QB Jay Cutler can keep his ego under control the Bears might make the playoffs. He tends to think his arm can make passes it can not.

Patriots 30 Panthers 7 – The 1st O of the Panthers did not score on the Pats #1 D. The Pats ran up a score of 20-0 against the Panther 1st D. QB Cam Newton is still trying to figure out where the group of WR from last years went. Panther QB Derek Anderson drove the 2s to the Pat red zone then promptly tossed a pick into double coverage. The Panthers are in for a fall this year due to losses on both sides of the ball.

49ers 21 Chargers 7 – The Niner starting O line stinks. Colin Kaepernick can do nothing and there was no room for Gore or other backs. The Niner D will be on the field a lot without IB NaVorro Bowman & OLB Aldon Smith assuming he is suspended. Charger QB Phillip Rivers looks very good. Even RB Mathews looks decent. The Charger D looked really good but a lot of that was due to the lousy play of the Niner O line. Look for them to threaten to make the playoffs again.

Ratbirds 23 Redskins 17 – Robert Griffin looks totally out of rhythm. He is slow making decisions, inaccurate and tends to throw into coverage. But part of the issue is the Skins O line which is not giving Griffin very good protection. That is not a surprise to Browns fans because Shawn Lauvao is starting! I agree that Kirk Cousins looks better than RG3 but he will never get a chance to start in Washington. Skins D stopped Ratbird #1 O twice on 4th inches. Ratbird O line is giving up pressure vs 4 man rush. Joe Flacco looks OK but WR corps except the Smith boys can’t catch. Ratbird D was OK even without starting 3 corners.


SB nation reports that Manziel still has not gotten a grasp of the Kyle Shanahan playbook.

The struggles of the Steeler O have some people calling for the firing of OC Todd Haley. Even Snoop Dogg wants him gone.

Steeler RB Le’Veon Bell said he didn’t know he could get a DUI while high. DAH! How dumb do you have to be to think driving while high is a good idea?

The NFL has always had free Super Bowl half time entertainment. Now the word is that the league wants the performers to PAY to get that exposure. Greed is an ugly side of the NFL.

Browns WR Nate “the pizza man” Burleson told the Akron Beacon Journal that Manziel is the man. The interesting point here is that Nate has been MIA on the football field. Before you give veteran quotes, how about doing something to help the team. He is not likely to make the final 53.

PFT reports that the Seahawks are serious about letting All Pro S Earl Thomas return punts. That is both foolish and dangerous. He is too valuable to risk returning punts.

The latest rumor from the NFL is that the competition committee will look seriously at moving the extra point in 2015. This is a bad idea that should end up in the circular file.

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