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In College football, the Federal court has decided that the NCAA is violating anti-trust laws by preventing players from profiting from the use of their images and names by their schools. Both sides will likely appeal but this decision is the first step to dismantling the NCAA which in my opinion is long overdue.

If the NFL refs continue to call holding on pass plays like they did week P1 it will extend games by 15-30 minutes. While usually they back off as the regular season wears on, we will see how the defenses react. In week 1 even with the first strings on the field the game was slow and jerky due to all the flags.

All challenges are now handled by New York. That should help provide more consistency in the calls. That will be a good thing but may slow down the game. I prefer to get the call right than get it fast.

Refs using head sets to talk with each other is a good idea. The Zebras need all the help they can get.

The extra point from the 15 is a dumb idea. Not only does it take the opportunity for a fake kick 2 point try impossible, it is a waste of time. Keep it the same or give the team a 7th point on the TD unless they want to try for 2. That will save time and reduce the opportunities for commercial breaks.


Ratbirds 23 49ers 3 – SF RB Carlos Hyde is a beast. With RB Frank Gore wearing down look for Hyde to become the starter by 2015 if not this year. Ratbird WR Steve Smith will become the go to guy for QB Joe Flacco on 3rd down. He will be best in a PPR league. Don’t take the Ratbird first drive for the TD too seriously. SF had its 2nd D in. 49ers need an upgrade at #2 QB.

Chiefs 41 Bengals 39 – I suspect that the Bengals will be sorry to have signed QB Andy Dalton to an extension. I would not be surprised if RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis fails to make the 53. KC’s O line will struggle. LT Eric Fisher was not worth the #1 pick overall in 2012. He will give up a lot of sacks. KC QB Alex Smith has done well without a true #1 receiver but will not get the big $ extension he wants. New QB in KC in 2015? It is very likely.

Redskins 23 Patriots 6 – Pats QB Ryan Mallett did not increase his trade value with his performance in the game. If that was the plan it failed. He went 5-12 for 55 yards without a TD or pick. Rookie QB Jimmy Garoppolo out performed Mallett going 9-15 for 157 yards and a TD. The Pats running game might struggle without RB LeGarrette Blount who signed with the Steelers. Both QB Kirk Cousins and Colt McCoy looked decent. QB Tom Brady did not play and Robert Griffin played just 1 series.

Broncos 21 Seahawks 16 – Hawks O line is still a major issue. Denver put heat on QB Russell Wilson without a blitz. The poor play of the O line reduces the running game as well. Hawks need RB Marshawn Lynch. Bronco O line is improved with Ryan Clady back. Denver’s first team D looks improved particularly in the D backfield.

Jags 16 Bucs 10 – This was a battle of the top 2 defenses in the NFL. That was the way it looked based on the deplorable play of each team’s O lines. It won’t make any difference who plays QB for either team if the O line is that inept. The game was played in front of all 100 Jag fans. The London Jaguars will again end up at the bottom of the AFC South. And I hope some paint company gives the Jags enough to paint the entire helmet gold. The gold/black looks stupid.

Bears 34 Eagles 28 – The Bears may have pointed out the way to stop Eagle QB Nick Foles—Just put pressure on him. Foles threw as many picks in the first quarter as he did all last year. The two picks off Foles both came on bad throws when he was under pressure. That will be something to watch.

Lions 13 Browns 12 – Neither Browns QB did anything to get separation from the other. Brian Hoyer moved the ball against the 2nd string D but could not against the starters. Johnny Manziel completed the easiest throws a QB can make and is staring down his receivers. The biggest issue last year was the Browns inability to get touchdowns. That looks like the biggest issue this year as well.


Several coaches are upset with the number of flags for holding. Look for the refs to get the word to back off once the regular season begins.

The Jets have no interest in starting Mike Vick at QB. This administration drafted Geno Smith and they will live or more likely die with him. He is likely to fail and take the coaching staff and front office out of town with him.

Minnesota University has told the NFL and the Vikings that it will not allow any use or mention of the name Redskins in advertising or promotion for the game scheduled for Nov. 2 on the Gopher’s home field. They also want the Skins to wear throwback jerseys. Watch this one it should be interesting.

Several players are in danger of losing their starting spots. 49ER RB Frank Gore is wearing down. Look for RB Carlos Hyde to take a lot of his carries. Steeler RB Stevan Ridley is likely to lose his spot to RB LeGarrette Blount. Ratbird RB Ray Rice averaged around 3 yards per attempt last year. Bernard Pierce will start during the Rice suspension and may not give the job back. Colt RB Trent Richardson has just 1 more chance to prove he is not a bust. The team brought in Ahmad Bradshaw to challenge him.

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