My thoughts on Week 8 games

NOTE: On NNR Samantha Bunten of NBC Sports and I discussed the news of the day, injuries from week 8, and previewed all week 8 games including the Browns/Cards.

Lions & Chiefs at London

DT Stafford has been a disaster. O line & run game are worse. Can they score?

D has been stressed by TOS on O.

KC Smith has been bad and Reid in on the hot seat. The DT D should help both.

The pass rush as disappeared D backfield is better w Berry but without a rush it suffers.

Bucs at Falcons

TB Winston has been up & down as has the run game.

Lovie has to get more Tampa 2 players. He has just a few now.

AT AT O has disappeared. It will be back against TB. Ryan has to get WR White back.

D has been much better this year. It will give Winston fits.

Chargers at Ravens

SD Rivers has a pass rating of 99.2. 15TDS 7X. O line & lack of run game have been big issues.

TE Gates is back but not yet FB condition. He must help a weak rec corps.

D has struggled. Injuries are hurting the D.

BA Flacco has been bad & WRS have not helped.

Front 7 is good. Back 4 not so much. Rivers will be a problem.

Vikings at Bears

MN Birdgewater & Peterson have to deal with a bad O line but are solid. Wallace has to catch the ball.

D is 3rd in scoring but needs to take the ball away more. Cutler should help that.

CH Cutler is out at the end of the year. He has not be “in” for much of the season.

Fox needs a D but doesn’t have much of one now.

Titans at Texans

TN Mariota may start but no running game hurt and the O line is over paid and under performing.

D has struggled. DBS are weak but it is getting better.

HO Mallett is gone so no more coin flips but so is Foster. Hoyer needs some help.

D has under achieved. Watt triple teamed & no other pass rusher getting home.

Bengals at Steelers

CN Dalton has been great. PT has little pass rush so he should be fine.

D needs to kept the PT Run game under control. If so the game will be in Ben’s hands.

PT If he plays Big Ben will not be as mobile. W/o LT Beacham it will be hard.

DBS will be challenged by CN O. Can they cover TE Eifert?

This is a must win for PT if they want to get back in the playoff race.

49ers at Rams

SF Can Kaepernick survive the ST pass rush? He needs the run game to slow down the rush.

Pass rush has been inconsistent. Needs it to stop ST pass game.

TE Davis felt Kaep NEEDS to be more inclusive if he wants to be an effective leader.

ST Foles needs to improve. Run game is solid. Gurley is outstanding.

D should shred the SF O line. But can it stop the running game?

Jets at Raiders

NJ O has struggled at QB. Have to get run game going.

D is solid & deep. If they had a QB it would be a great team.

OK Carr is OK but needs protection. Murray is coming around as a RB.

D has some stars like Mack but need more. Best S Woodson is 96.

Seahawks at Cowboys

SE Worst O line in the league. Wilson deserves better. Run game getting better.

D has to stop giving up leads. In 4 losses Wilson & O has gotten a lead only to have D give it up.

DA Cassel proved 1 thing-He is no better than Weeden. Running game is spotty.

Collins R is starting at RG.

D has been a little better but in 4 straight losses has been on the field too much.

Packers at Broncos

GB Rodgers is the best QB in the league. Has lots of weapons & good RB in Lacy. O line is the only ?

D is 1st in scoring D. That is outstanding considering most teams are way behind against GB O.

DV Peyton is dead man walking. Is still able to do just enough to win. Can’t score enough to beat GB.

DV D is really good but gets burned by a precise passing game. Can be run against as well.

Cardinals at Browns

AZ Palmer is playing as well an anyone. Run game is OK when healthy. AZ is 4th on O.

D has been very good. They are 4th also on D.

CL Not sure if McCown can start. I have no desire to see Manziel and would prefer Davis.

Both Haden & Gipson should be back. That will help. But D has to stop the run.

Colts at Panthers

IN Luck has not been the same. He is not looking off safeties and looks nervous. I would be nervous too playing behind that O line.

Colt D has been BAD. Can’t stop the run or the pass. They are lucky to be in the AFC South.

CR Newton is doing it all without quality receivers or much of a running game. How much longer can he get it done alone?

CR D has been solid now that Kuechly is back. He and Davis are as good as it gets.

That is what I think. Tell us what you think by commenting here or tweeting me @NNRonDSN.

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