My thoughts on week 12 games in the NFL.


NOTE: On NNR Samantha Bunten of NBC Sports and I discussed the news of the day, injuries from the previous week, and previewed all of this week’s games.

CH GB-8.5 CH HC Fox has a lot of work to do to turn this team around. Cutler & O line will not be back.

4-6 7-3 D is for Disaster. That is what this D has been.

GB Rodgers has not been good & WRS don’t get separation. This team needs more weapons.

Run game needs to get back to 140y/g level. Lacy can do that when he is motivated.

D has been very inconsistent. Pass rush was better last week. That is the key.

OK-1,5 TN OK Carr struggled against the rush last week. Not a problem because TN does not have one.

4-6 2-8 Run game has to support the pass. That is not only on Murray but the O line as well.

D is getting better but HC Del Rio needs more play makers.

TN Mar iota has struggled as most rookies do but he has not had a lot of help.

The D is top 6 in yards but 18th in points per game (23.3).

BF KC-4 BF Taylor has been solid but BF needs to give him more planned runs.

5-5 5-5 Run game works when McCoy is healthy. Need to keep him in the game.

BF used an amoeba D to confuse the NE O line Monday. This worked well & could be used the rest of the season.

BF stopped NE run as well. D is very solid & should get DT Kyle Williams back soon.

KC Smith without RB Charles is like a PBR sandwich without peanut butter or bread.

KC is down to their 3rd RB Spencer Ware after #2 West was hurt.

D has been good but they need to be more consistent with the pass rush.

TB IN-3 TB Winston has been good in the last few weeks but let’s wait to put him in the HOF.

5-5 5-5 TB D is 26th in points allowed. DT McCoy & LB David are outstanding but they are about all they have.

IN Hasselbeck is in & been decent but run game & O line stink.

D stinks too. It is a disaster. They are 19th in pts allowed but have been worse than that recently.

NG-2.5 WA NG Eli has been consistent & O is 4th in scoring but run game has disappeared. NG is 26th in rushing.

5-5 4-6 D ranks 32nd against the pass. That is a major reason the NG are 5-5.

WA Cousins has been barely decent (15TDS 10X) & the run game has gone south due to injuries to the RBS.

O is 20th in scoring & pass yards & 25th in rushing at just 95y/g

D is even worse ranking 25th in scoring & 30th against the run. This team is a dumpster fire on both sides of the ball.

NO HO-3 NO Despite a fire sale on O that side has not been the problem. 8Th in scoring 3rd in yards & 2nd in passing.

4-6 5-5 The problem has been the D. Last in pts against, & yards, 31st vs the pass & 29th vs the rush.

That is why DC Ryan got fired.

HO Hoyer will start for HO.

HO has no O, no QB, & no run game. Other than that they are fine.

The O has moved the ball between the 20s but can’t get in the endzone.

The D has not been as good as expected. 15Th in scoring & 20th against the run.

MN AT-2 MN Took a hard loss vs GB last week. The O line let GB sack Bridgewater 6 times & hold Peterson to 45y on 13 att.

7-3 6-4 Peterson & Bridgewater need better blocking. MN O would be much better.

The D has been an under-reported story. It is 3rd in PPG allowed at 18.4 just .2 ppg behind NE.

AT This team has fallen & can’t get up. The problem has been more on O than D.

Ryan needs more help.

D ranks 12th giving up 21.4 ppg but that is up in the last 4 losses.

21-7 before the IN scored 17 unanswered points in part due to a Ryan pick6.

ST CN-8.5 ST The trade for Foles has been a disaster. ST ranks 31st in scoring. The good news is Bradford was benched too.

4-6 8-2 The D has been good but as good as expected. It ranks 10th giving up 19.9 ppg.

CN Can CN come back from 2 straight losses? The D can but I wonder about Dalton.

O scored just 6 pts against HO 2 wks ago. Last week the 31 vs AZ was much better.

D gave up the critical drive vs AZ, That has to stop if CN is going to win in the playoffs.

SD JK-4 SD SD O line & D has already left for LA mentally. Rivers is expected to win games on his own. That is why they have 2 wins.

2-8 4-6 O is 22nd in ppg. The problem has not been Rivers. He is 2nd in pass yards without a run game or O line.

SD D ranks 31st in PPG allowed at 28.2. It could not be more giving.

MI NJ-3.5 MI Tannehill got Franchise $ but has yet to produce that kind of O. He is 21st in pass yards & has 17 TDS 10 picks.

4-6 5-5 D has been a disappointment as well. 20Th in ppg, 26th in ypg & 31 vs run.

NJ NJ needs a QB–any QB. It is 14th in ppg but that has been because of the run game (14th)

Pass game is 19th 2 QBS have 18TDS but 12 picks.

D has been less than expected in part because of injuries. It is 11th in ppg & pass yards.

With the $ spent on DBS, that has been disappointing.

AZ-10 SF AZ Palmer has been spectacular (27TDS 9X). AZ is 1st in PPG & ypg.

8-2 3-7 D is 13th in ppg 3rd in ypg. Losses have not hurt D that badly.

SF O died & was laid to rest last wk vs SE. 32nd in PPG 13.9) & YDS 30th Pass y & 18th in rush y.

Gabbert has struggled as expected with no O line or play makers on the outside.

D suffered lots of losses & is 23rd in PPG 28th YPG The team is a dumpster fire.

PT SE-3.5 PT PT is 2.5 games behind CN. Now they are on the hunt. PT will challenge CN for the AFC North title.

6-4 5-5 O is 12th in ppg (23.6) despite not having Roethlisberger or RB Bell for much of the season. But Ben is back so look out.

D is 6th in ppg (19.1) & 5th in Rush y. It has been better than expected.

SE Before the season we predicted that SE could fail to get to the playoffs unless they fixed a terrible O line.

Wilson has gotten the lead in every game he started but the D gave away leads late in the 5 losses.

SE has to win 5 games to make the playoffs.

NE-3 DV NE Pats are perfect & with Osweiler at QB that is not likely to change this week.

10-0 8-2 Brady was bothered by pressure from BF Monday. DV can do that as well.

NE is 2nd in ppg 3rd in ypg 1st in pass y but 28th in rush yards.

D is 1st in ppg but 15th in yards.

DV Osweiler will start for DV against NE. Good luck with that.

Given the issues with the O (19th in ppg 22.2) they are lucky to be 8-2.

Run game has died. DV is 27th in rush ypg.

D has kept DV in playoff contention ranking 2nd in ppg 1st in yards & passing.

That is what I think. Tell us what you think by commenting here or tweeting me @NNRonDSN.

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