Methods on how to increase your vertical jump

Vertical Jump

Many athletes today are searching for a way to maximize their jumping power and technique to be able to excel in their area of sporting expertise. Those who choose attack the goal of learning how to increase vertical jump ability from various different angles will of course be the most successful and make the greatest gains.

Increasing your vertical jump for basketball is of course a no brainier; every player knows that the higher you can jump the more chance you have of scoring when the opportunity arises. Those who can dunk will no doubt score a higher percentage of the time than those who cannot generate enough explosive power to reach the rim.

Before we look at a few of the methods available for increasing your vertical let’s first take a look at which types of sportsmen and women apart from basketball players can benefit from this type of training program.

Volleyball players

High jump

Long jump




Pole vault



Virtually any sport that involves an aspect where it is an advantage for you to be able to get higher into the air than your opponent will benefit from you learning how to increase vertical jumps.

The first aspect you can target is your explosive speed and power with weight training and the squat is an unbeatable exercise for this and the only gym equipment you need is a heavy set of dumbbells. Heavy weights are the key to success; you do not want to train with light weights as this is endurance training if you are squatting for lots of reps. Low reps with an explosive upward motion will be of the greatest benefit.

Visualization will also help you with your gains, find videos of players who have great technique and then visualize yourself performing perfect vertical leaps just like them. It has been shown that simply visualizing a certain movement also causes the muscles to fire off in exactly the same manner as they would during the actual event. This is the mind body connection in action and it will help you to improve.

Flexibility is also a vital ingredient when learning how to increase vertical jump ability; it also helps you to avoid injury.

Find a mentor to work with or if this is not possible find a good jump manual and find a partner to work with while trying to achieve gains. If you have a friendly bit of competition going on this will help you to stick with any jump program that you embark on.

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  1. Yeah i agree with you. Do not use ankle weights. Instead, use a weight belt. Ankle weight pull on your legs, rather than push. When you jump, your legs don’t have that pulling action. Weight belt puts weight ON your leg rather than BENEATH your leg.

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