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For some people, following sports developments is a life passion. In the States (and even in some parts around the world), this passion translates into the NFL. For these individuals, NFL is so much more than just watching a few games.

Even if it’s not NFL season, you can probably spot people wearing their favorite team’s colors or insignia. Just walk down the street or go to the local grocery and you’ll probably see a person wearing an NFL jer

A photo of the Logo of the National Football L...

A photo of the Logo of the National Football League (NFL) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

sey. These days you can find almost all sorts of paraphernalia related to NFL like mugs, stickers, caps, t-shirts, pins, pillows, and even desktop wallpaper. But NFL jerseys are by far the most favorite stuff for guys who love NFL.

If you’re not sure what to give your NFL-loving boyfriend, brother, or husband for his birthday, then consider an NFL jersey of his favorite team. However, make sure that you do your research about this beforehand—the worst thing that you could do is to unwittingly purchase the wrong team, especially if it happens to be the hated rivals. Even if a shirt doesn’t have a specific team name or logo, don’t just grab it without evaluating its color. Different NFL teams are recognized by their team colors so you also need to take this into consideration.  If you really don’t know your man’s favorite team, then your best bet is to just buy a shirt with the official logo of NFL.

You can buy these at retail stores or you can also order online. There are even some sports memorabilia websites which sell items that are autographed by NFL players. Of course, these tend to be more expensive than just stock items. If you do want to make your gift more special, an autographed gift will certainly please any fan—just make sure that you are getting authentic signatures, not mock-ups or standard embossed stuff.

If authentic NFL memorabilia is too expensive for your budget, you can save some money if you exercise a little creativity. Go online and look for wholesale shops which put up items at cheaper prices. eBay and Craigslist  are also possibilities, as there are some people who choose to list their sports items up for bidding. You might luck out and get an NFL item at a steal.

You can also improvise on your gift idea by making it personal: search the internet for pictures of the NFL logo, (try Google Images printed) and have it printed on a shirt, or a pillowcase, or even a towel or a blanket. You can even print two matching NFL shirts – couples’ shirts for him and you. Wear yours and hand him his while watching the NFL opening day and you’ll surely make his day.

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